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The Many Uses of a Survival Knife

Camping knives are considered the most important part of a camper’s survival kit. Survival knives are just awesome. They can be used as multi-tools, which means they can be used to accomplish a wide range of tasks. You can slip them up in a leather sheath and carry them over long distances with relative ease. If you happen to be searching for a knife for camping, then go for a Bowie knife as these are sturdy and good enough to go the distance. 

You can find bowie knives in the UK at reasonable prices. You just need to be smart. Look for vendors that provide easy return and replacement facilities. 

Here are a few uses of a Bowie knife:

Fire Tinder

You can cut wood shavings that are to be used as tinder.

Shelter Building:

You can cut pieces of wood to size if you are planning to build a makeshift shelter.

During self defence:

This one is quite obvious. Many of the campers and hunters must have used knives in order to protect themselves from wild animals and other unforeseen troubles. 


The blade of your knife is sharp enough to tear through a wild animal’s fresh. In all fairness, a survival knife can also double up as a hunting tool. There are hunters that carry multiple knives in order to counter unwelcoming encounters with wild beasts. 


You can dig holes in order to store essentials in the woods. These holes can also be used to find your way out of the woods in case you get lost. 

As a can opener:

Knives can also be used to tear apart cans and containers. If you are carrying canned food, then a knife can double up as a can opener. Experienced knife owners will be aware of the various things that can be opened using a survival knife.

For tearing ropes and fishing nets:

Fishing nets and ropes don’t get cut easily. However, a survival knife can go a long way in making your life easier. No matter how small or big the net is, a survival knife will tear it apart with ease. 

For raft building:

If you are planning to build a makeshift raft, then your Bowie knife can come in handy. It will help you in cutting down the logs. It is a good idea to carry a slightly bigger knife. There is nothing that a knife cannot do.

For saving lives:

Knives are life savers (literally). A sturdy knife can be used to remove bullet from wounds. Pieces of metal can also be removed (the process is painful). Packets of bandages and first-aid kits can also be opened within no time.

These are just some of the many uses of a pocket knives. All in all, a survival knife is a tool having countless uses. Only those who have used it can understand the importance of it. 

Buy yours right away.

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