About Us

We are a US-based custom knifemaker. The majority of our knife makers are located outside of the United States, and we do not manufacture knives within the USA. We’re also bolstering our US presence at the moment. We offer bespoke knives of the highest quality. Bushcraft knives, bowie knives, camping knives, hunting knives, hatchets, choppers, and axes are among the products we provide. We also sell promise bands, steel body pens, wedding rings, and other steel accessories.

All of them are tailored to those of you who enjoy spending time outdoors, camping, bushcrafting, and hunting. We also handle custom orders and deliver one-of-a-kind works of art in the shape of knives to our customers.

You can have a knife made to your exact requirements and design. Our highly competent Knife manufacturers are extremely efficient in meeting all of our valued customers’ needs consistently. You should not be concerned if you like any of our knives that have been sold or are out of stock. You can simply get the identical knife from us, and it will arrive in three to four weeks. You can contact us via email or phone to negotiate a special custom order.

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