Camping On Your Mind? Not Without These 6 Must-have Camping Tools

When you pack your bags for a camping trip, you foremost think about convenience. Most of us start by packing essentials like a sleeping bag, trash bags, biodegradable soap, cooking ingredients, and a dozen of other essentials. But do you know these things are only meant to add more comfort to your camping experience?

Packing for your camping trip is not merely restricted to these items. You need to carry the essential camping tools to help you during an emergency. Listed are camping tools that might become the need of the hour in case of any emergency or unwanted situation while camping. Let’s discover them:

A Knife 

What comes to your mind when you hear packing a knife during camping? Many people assume a cutlery knife to chop vegetables for cooking. Keeping chef knives UK  is reasonable, but at the same time, it is quite important to pack a camping knife too.

You can utilise camping knives UK for most purposes, such as cutting cords, building a fire, and handling other tasks. Multipurpose knives are the best option for regular campers. Always prioritise quality when buying a knife as it is sure to be your savior during your next camping stint.

An Axe 

Apart from a knife, a good axe serves other purposes too while camping in the densest of jungles. You can use it to cut through wood to build a fire. An axe can also be used to clear away bushes during hiking.>

You may as well utilise the blunt side of the axe while setting up a tent. Just like a knife, ensure that the axe promises good quality and you’re sure to remain safe throughout the trip.

Heavy-Duty Flashlight 

Camping trips are all about walking in the dark, and a small torchlight or flashlight of your phone will not provide you enough illumination.

Therefore, it would be best to carry a heavy-duty flashlight in your tool bag. Always pick up a battery-powered LED flashlight as it provides great illumination and lights for as long as 30 hours per charge. Alternatively, you may also carry a handheld electric generator and there will no one stopping you while you march through the camp.

A Magnifying Glass/Signal Mirror

A signal mirror is vital if you are camping in the desert. This type of mirror helps you when you are stranded and want someone’s help to get out of the campsite. Similarly, you can use a magnifying glass for various tasks, such as taking an up-close view of small objects, starting fires, detecting any splinters in the body, and so on. Carrying such a simple object is highly advantageous because it is lightweight, easily fits anywhere, and also has wide applications in the case of an emergency.

A Speargun 

A speargun serves as a great survival tool if you are camping around water masses. It offers a two-fold purpose. This device can be used for both hunting and defending. Use any mode of application you want. But make sure to practice all the safety measures while handling a speargun.

Water Purifying Tools 

Wandering in the wild and running out of essentials is a common event. But running out of pure drinking water may take a toll on your health. It is, therefore, essential to pack water-purifying tools on your camping trip. Nowadays, many portable water purifying tools are available throughout the market. These tools purify all kinds of contaminated water, thus making it safe for drinking.


When you buy camping gear, ensure to keep the campsite in mind. It is because, for every different type of campsite, you may need a varied set of tools. Once you have the right set of tools you will be prepared for most situations that the camping trip can test you with. So pack selectively, stay safe, and have a memorable trip!

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