4 Tips To Prepare Yourself For Adventurous Camping Trips In The Wild

If you love to camp in the wild, then the following tips will help you prepare yourself for the uncertain wilderness.

Prepare Yourself To Stay Safe

Some of the following tips may sound obvious to you, but there are many people who either overlook them or forget to recall them and put themselves in inconvenient situations:

Extra water bottle and food

You may obviously carry a water bottle with you, but this is to remind you to keep an extra water bottle in your bag because you never know when you may run out of it. You can live without food for some days, but not without water. Keeping a few snacks is fine, but we advise you to keep a few protein bars with you, as they are good for instant energy and take less space in your kit bag.

Traditional compass and a map

Getting lost in the wild is the most common concerns that people have, so it is always better to keep a conventional compass in your pocket. Your mobile phone may run out of battery, so a traditional compass can help you keep track of directions. The map will help you know where you are while the compass will guide you towards your campsite.

Stellar Hunting/survival knife

A sharp survival or hunting knife can have many versatile uses in the wild, like cutting off branches, marking trees, slicing/cutting vegetables/meat, self-defence, making tools and be a sharp tool in your first aid kit. All these applications are customary in the wild, so be prepared for the worst!

First aid kit

Make sure your first-aid kit is filled with all the necessary medication and bandages that you may need in the wild. A razor-sharp knife can be used to cut bandages or open medicine. The wild is very unpredictable, and a first-aid kit is the most critical item in this list.

If you are in a life-death situation (face-off with a wild animal), the best options that you have is either run away from it or use your knife to injure and possibly kill the animal.

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