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5 Important Things To Note When Choosing A Camping Knife

Are you thinking of taking a trip to a beautiful spot and sleeping under the stars?

If so, we recommend you to pack your camping essentials and we hope you are even packing your trusted knife! Isn't that right? 

If not, then you might be in a deep dilemma. You see, maybe you didn't realize it, but simple things like preparing firewood can become difficult without a knife. 

If you're not sure how to choose a great camp knife, don't worry–we can help! Below is all the information you need to select the best knife for the job. 

Blade Type

Camp knives come in two major categories: fixed and foldable. A fixed blade knife is more durable than a foldable. However, a fixed blade knife could be dangerous for a family camping trip!

A pocket knife or a folding knife is ideal if you are with your family or even for everyday use because it's easy to carry around. 

If you opt for a fixed blade, make sure that the knife uses full tang construction – meaning the blade continues as one piece of metal from the handle construction to the tip of the knife. 

This often increases the strength and sturdiness of the knives and the knife will stand up to many tough situations without breaking!

Blade Size

It's easy to get carried away and buy the biggest, most elaborate knife for your camping trip, but bigger isn't always better! 

Unless you're planning on chopping down some trees and clearing some bush, a medium blade (about 10-12 inches long) will do the trick and make sure all your tasks are done effortlessly. 

Material Of The Blade

When buying a knife, you want one that is made of good high-quality materials. Not all knives are the same, and not all of them will last as long as others. 

Stainless steel knives don't rust like other metals like carbon steel, but they may develop rust spots if not properly taken care of and regularly polished. 

Carbon steel blades can remain sharp for a longer amount of time than stainless steel. But they may rust over time and lose their sharpness much more quickly than stainless steel knives if not maintained regularly. 

Always try choosing a blade with a strong point rather than rounded as you can use it to pry or spear items when needed. 

Don't Forget The Handles

While most people think only about the blade, the handle is an important aspect of a knife. If the handle is small, you cannot get a comfortable grip that can then give you blisters. 

Also, the size matters in handles, if the handle is too big, it can deter you from having a proper grip. Material of a handle is also important so choose ones, made from either hardwood or even bone! 

Another thing to look out for in a good knife is a sturdy butt end because this part is extremely useful when it comes to hammering things, especially when camping. 

Check The Knife Weight

Weight is one of the important considerations while choosing a camping knife. A camping knife must be lightweight, but it should be sturdy enough to handle a heavy load. 

Since a camping knife is used for various purposes, a lightweight knife is the best choice. A heavier camping knife will tire you out faster and will lessen your productivity.


We know you finally can find the best and perfect knives for camping now that you have read our blog post. Now it's time to prove yourself as a camper and start making some wonderful memories!

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