Shopping For Your Camping Trip?

Here's Why You Need To Carry A Good Knife

Your choice of knife purely depends on the kind of camping you're planning to do. Like when car camping, weight may not be much of an issue, but every ounce you carry counts when hiking and pitching a tent along the route. It would help if you carried sharp blades for cleaning the campground and for cooking, self-defence or hunting. Quality knives are essential to perform multiple tasks without blending or developing rust. Your knife set must be able to withstand high-temperature cooking and heavier than normal cutting pressure like chopping wood. For camping, especially, you require a good quality knife that best fits your grip and needs. Basic knowledge of various parts such as tip, edge or handle, of knife construction can help you select and maintain the blades you own. Be it a fixed or folding blade knife, you can put each to use for different reasons. Also, you should know the basic rules for knife use in the UK. According to the UK knife law, it is permissible to carry any kind or length of the knife if you have a reasonable excuse. So read ahead to know why you need to carry a good knife when camping in the UK or anywhere in the world:

  1. For security
The popular Darwinian concept of 'survival of the fittest is well suited in any environment or context. One must carry a good and reliable knife when camping in the wild because it is a must-have tool when susceptible to danger to life or property. In tactical situations, like facing a wild animal at night or some unknown human threat, any knife for camping, be it fixed or folding blade, can be used for security and to ward off danger.  
  1. For building shelter
You can't imagine clearing the campground and pitching a tent without a knife. A trusty knife helps chop wood for a fire to keep warm or ward off wild animals, remove branches on top of your tent or clear vegetation around the campsite to prevent poisonous snakes or insects from entering your vicinity. One can also use a knife to cut and shape wood to hang and dry clothes, to build a replacement for a broken tent pole or any other camping equipment.  
  1. For use as cooking utensils
A powerful knife can cut or carve food and be used for food preparation to open food or beer cans and roast marshmallows. It would help if you had good chef's knives UK for gutting and dressing your hunt. Knives with good quality steel provide improved edge retention and strength for heavy-duty tasks. You can use the blade for hunting or even digging the ground for edible roots and mushrooms. A good knife can help cook your meals and keep you protected and help create fire for smoke signals in case of an emergency.  
  1. To build a fire
An advantage of choosing and carrying a good knife is that you can easily chop food and build a fire to keep you warm on chilly nights, cook your food or ward off dangerous wild animals. Fire is also a good way of sending signals indicating your presence or need for urgent help.  
  1. For hunting and cleaning game
Pretty much everything is unexpected when in the wilderness, like you may have shot an animal, but it's still alive. The best practice is to relieve the animal of its miserable condition, finish it off with a sharp knife, clean up the game and prepare it for a meal or hang it for drying.   Conclusion A good camping knife is almost a necessity to make any camping trip a huge success.
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