Here's a List of Essentials You Should Pack for Camping

Tired of the monotony of life? Recently discovered a nearby campground? Don’t think twice! Call the friends who are enthusiastic about some occasional respite and get on with planning and packing for the camping trip. It is important that you don’t get caught up in the outdoors just due to your callousness. A camping trip, no matter how short, is not like a vacation in the cities. Choice of clothes is not so much of a priority here, but if you’ve forgotten something crucial like disposable food plates in the wilderness, you’re in trouble. So to save your vacation, read ahead for a list of camping essentials you should pack.

1. Hiking boots You’ll possibly drive to a spot to start your hike from. You can’t start hiking in your normal shoes. So that necessitates a good pair of boots to prevent cramps or sweat slippages.

2. Camp essentials Make sure that you have a tent or two, depending on the population and the necessary number of stakes and poles. A sleeping bag or mattress will help keep the body away from the ground. Do remember to shop for a pocket knife to help you with cutting the branches on the campground.

3. Navigational tools and torch Although it might be difficult to use your phone GPS when in the wilderness, it is a good practice to keep all your devices charged. A portable GPS, compass, and torch can come in handy when hiking to get a sense of direction in the dark. It can also help ward off some wild dogs and other animals in the vicinity.

4. Food requirements There are no street shops or restaurants on or around the campground in a wilderness. So it’s solely up to you to carry your choice of raw materials for cooking. Make sure that you carry a camping stove with fuel and the necessary cookware. It’s preferable to carry disposable plates and glasses if you’re not sure of the arrangements in the campground. Carry lightweight water bottles and a small cutting board for food preparation. When preparing for the trip, also remember to visit a shop selling handmade chef’s knives or order one online. Do not forget to pack the required number of cutleries.

5. Basic necessities Don’t forget to pack essentials like toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap. Pack sunscreen with UV protection to protect your skin against the sun. Carry bug spray to prevent insect bites from causing rashes and allergies. Carry a pair of clothes and socks that is reusable and comfortable.

6. First aid kit The most important thing on the list of essentials for camping is a first aid kit. It should have the necessary ointments and painkillers to thwart the pain until you wrap up camping and see a doctor. Do not forget to pack your prescription drugs. Carry an inhaler if in case any of you has a breathing problem. Pack in some cotton, bandages, and antiseptics for cuts caused while hiking. Conclusion Camping is extremely difficult only when you are unprepared. Follow the above steps for a more prepared and smoother camping experience.

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