The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Different Kinds of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are part of an age-old concept that are emblems of infinite love shared between two people and the promise of commitment for each other. The essence behind exchanging rings has not changed, but designs and patterns have.


We have listed different kinds of wedding rings which you can pick that fits your relationship well. So be prepared to woo your partner with timeless love and unique rings!

Comfort-fit wedding ring

A comfortable wedding ring comes with round interiors with an oval cross-section. Why should you choose this well? The benefit is this ring interior metal touches the lesser part of your finger and gives you a comfortable feel. This ring has been gaining a lot of popularity. You can even get it inscribed with the date of your wedding, names or any other special date on the interior of the ring.

Flat wedding band

A flat wedding band comes with a flat top shaped like a band around your finger or pipe. Many flat wedding rings are also known as pipe rings. This ring gives more of a modern and a contemporary look. 

Half-round wedding ring

This half-round wedding ring looks classic and traditional. Designed with a rounded top, this ring under part will either be flat or come under a comfortable fit. These rings are becoming popular and are bought by many people for their special day.

Diamond wedding ring

Both men and women wear diamond rings; these can be found in various designs and styles. You can find a ring with a solitaire or channel set of diamonds; however, there are eternity wedding rings known as anniversary bands that come with encircled diamond designs. This design looks amazing and is a statement maker, but it can be expensive.


Fancy wedding rings

Unique design, hammering details, engraving symbols comes under the fancy wedding ring section. These rings often come with diamonds, gemstone and other accent details. There are no limits when choosing a design for your wedding ring. It gets as fancy as you want.

Plain wedding rings

Simple and elegant, a plain wedding ring comes in platinum or yellow gold design that looks classic and symbolic for the bride and groom. Nowadays, there are many other alternatives available, such as white gold or other metals, which are becoming popular choices. 

Gemstone wedding ring

Adding gemstone, sapphires, rubies and amethysts to a wedding band can make it look unique and beautiful. Adding these stones can represent a birthday, wedding date, or any special moment shared between you two. 

Wedding ring wraps and guards

A wedding ring wrap or guard looks spectacular and unique. Adding diamonds and gemstone wrapped around the frame or in the center can make this ring look stunning on your finger. 

Damascus Steel ring

Made by blending two kinds of stainless steel, Damascus steel rings are strong and durable, made by twisting metal layers together to create a pattern; each design is unique and one of a kind. The design looks amazing, so get yourself and your partner Damascus steel ring one today to mark the most special occasion of your life. 

Here are some tips for buying a perfect ring;

  • Consider picking wedding rings together - This can be a precious moment, so hunt for matching wedding rings in the UK for a common theme.
  • Pick a ring depending upon your budget.
  • Choose the right type of material for rings.
  • Choose the size and finish of the stones. 
  • Explore different designs and patterns
  • Do not forget to get it customized or engraved with name, initials or date.


Rings are symbols of a meaningful and loving relationship between two people. It is a promise of commitment and lifelong relation. Choose from different patterns and designs to make this occasion even more special.

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