Beautiful Custom Ring Designs for Your Adorable Relationship

Love, the four-letter word encapsulates the power to combine two loving souls and spend the entire life happily. It has no boundaries. It has no limitations. It is unique and special for everyone. And, one finds adorable ways to share this affection. 

One of the best ways couples show their commitment, loyalty, respect to the significant other is by gifting promising rings. You need no reasons to gift these beautiful presents. It might be her graduation day or his first job. Why do you have to wait for the engagement day to give something special?! You can always give these beautiful rings to celebrate a special day and make a promise to be together in happiness and sickness.

The best thing is that you can even customise these designs to mark the special occasion. Like, the date engraved on the metal, or the place name you met first-time, anything that is most closed to your heart. Here, we brought you some creative ring designs that your partner will love. So, let’s dive in.

Awesome Promising Ring Ideas For His and Her

Gifting Your Heart and Touch

: Turning the phrase ‘I give you my heart’ to something practical. Have your electrocardiograph engraved on the inside edge of the ring. Sounds lovely, isn’t it? Yes. Record and visualise your electrocardiograph and then carved it to the riDWS Accessng. It’s new, unique, and so special. You can also have your fingerprint marked on the ring with the same technique.;

The Emotion Flow

: Show your love in the form of unique metal finishes. Damascus steel is a unique metal known to give a long-lasting finish with the textured patterns. The wavy design can be resembled as a river flowing towards the ocean of love. You can also customise it with a matte texture, florentine, sandblasted and others. Have a look at these stunning promise rings for couples in the UK designed by Perkin Knives.

The Metal Mix

: Becoming a new trend among couples, the metal mix rings gives a simple yet elegant look. Unique and stylish, they are made by combining two different metals. Like 18C White Gold and Damascus Steel. It displays how a tough metal in the making of axes, choppers, chef knives in the UK can be turned to create matched rings. The toughness portrays the solidity of your relationship, while the white gold represents caring and compassion.

The Diamond Play

: Do you share the same birthstones? Well, why not embed them to your promising rings. You can personalise the ring by having the stone installed on any side. If you want to be more private, have it on the inside band so that only you two know the little secret! You can also have a specific number of diamonds installed to represent a special date.

With so many techniques and innovative methods available, you can personalise the rings that bring you closer and remind you that you are always there for each other.

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