About Us

We are a custom knife maker based in the UK, but most of our knifesmiths are based outside the country. We do not produce our knives in the UK, but we sell premium quality custom knives. We sell a range of bushcraft knives, bowie knives, hunting knives, camping knives, hatchets, axes, and more. All of these are specially designed for those of you who enjoy being outside and indulging in camping, bushcraft, and hunting. We also take custom orders now. You can order your own knife as per your specifications and design. Our knife makers are extremely efficient and committed to meeting our customers’ requirements. If you like any of our knives that have been sold or are not in stock, there’s nothing to worry about. Just place an order for the same knife with us, and it will be ready within three to four weeks. You may email or call us to discuss a custom order.

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