Here's Why Should Get a Promise Ring if You Want to Stay Committed

The dating chapter is over, and you want to make a stronger commitment? But not ready for an engagement yet? No worries. You can always share matching promise rings with your lover. It’ll strengthen your bond and reaffirm the connection.

Promise rings had first gained popularity some decades ago when couples didn’t want to label their relationship but continue with the commitment with a promise of spending the future together. It is a way to celebrate togetherness even between friends, parent-child, or siblings. Read ahead to find out why you should get a promise ring.

To make a commitment or an oath

You may love your partner relentlessly but lack that headspace or bank balance to propose with an engagement ring. You want to hold on to the relationship, especially when you’re sure that she’s the right person. Go ahead and share promise rings to declare your commitment to each other. Made an oath to break a bad habit? Don’t give up. Wear a promise ring for a constant reminder. Use a slightly affordable metal and shop for Damascus steel rings. No matter what your vow represents, wear the ring with a dedication to abide by your promise.

As a reminder of eternal love

Did your friend go through a rough patch in life? Is your sibling separated from you? Are your parents divorced, and your mother has your custody? A promise ring can help remind your friend, sibling, or parent of the love you have for him and that no difficulty can come in the way of your bond. The inexplicable intensity of your relationship can have a physical presence on your fingers and be a constant reminder. The promise ring can act as a physical testament to the bond you share as a parent and child.

To commemorate the dead

One can wear a specially designed promise ring to commemorate the death of your favourite player or a pop icon. For example, if you were a die hard fan of Amy Winehouse and her death took you by surprise, you can get a custom-made ring in black stone that is symbolic of her and a reminder of her song “Back to Black”. One can wear it as a personal symbol of respect.

To signify a change of faith or religion

Some like to symbolize or announce their change of faith. One can choose to use a specific stone or engraving to signify that. One can do that to reaffirm and embrace their new beliefs or disclaim the old ways of living. The most common reason is to show love and devotion.


Promise rings are intentionally cheaper and more affordable than engagement rings. This is not to demean any relationship other than a conjugal one. It’s more so about the convenience and comfort of the people involved. This is why promise rings are generally not made of solitaire diamond. They are generally made of affordable metals like silver, Damascus steel etc. You can visit a shop in the UK to find out the options you have for promise rings for couples.


Promise rings are a means of expression in a relationship. People involved know where they stand, the status of their relationship and that there’s a promise of the future.

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