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The 4 Fascinating Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Uses - Perkin

When it comes down to experts in any field, the one thing that is for sure is the fact that they can never really get enough of the thing that they are most enthusiastic about. There is always something or the other that will come up - be it a new fact or a revolutionary kind of knife out there. With knives, the interest has been there quite literally for centuries, rather than a new product that has suddenly gained popularity in the past few decades.  This fact alone, gives knives a substantial edge over other products in the field. 

Here’s the funny thing about knife experts - When it comes down to most other knives and related objects like damascus steel rings and bushcraft axes, they are experts at the game, but ask most of them about kitchen knives and it all goes to pieces. Hence, here are the top four types of kitchen knives and their subsequent uses:-

  • The utility knife: People call it a mini chef’s knife and for good reason. With straight or serrated options, one can use it for cutting meat or vegetables. Nowadays, a lot of them come with a scalloped edge that helps in cutting flexibility all across the board.
  • The Chef’s knife: It is also known as a cook’s knife and is considered one of the most important aspects of a complete knife set. This is the perfect knife for fast mincing due to its design tapering upwards, allowing a quick back and forth movement. Almost every kind of task in the kitchen can be taken care of by this knife.
  • The bread knife: Being true to their name, they are also used for cutting certain types of meat and poultry at times.  Their unique design enables you to saw through the bread perfectly. Being primarily narrow and serrated, they have been a big hit for ages.
  • The boning knife: For all meatheads, there is really no other knife that comes close as far as ease of use and overall comfort is concerned. The thing that sets it apart is that the blade can be semi-flex, stiff or normal flexi. The stiff one has the most enhanced precision in the cut.

After you have given the above pointers a thorough read, you will be in a much better and more well-informed state of mind to pick and choose the knife of your choice. Being trendy is one thing, but the number one factor is that the knife should ultimately serve your overall needs above everything else. 

Of course, this is not to say that there aren’t other knives out there that deserve priority, but still. The decision making process of a new knife will be between the knife you currently own and the knife that you have been thinking of buying for quite some time now. Make no mistake - this is one of the most important facts to keep in mind.

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