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Moonlight parties, Rave Parties and House Parties are so last season. It’s time to have a blast - the healthy way. Health parties have become the “in-thing” for the elite and are fast becoming “oh-so-cool” trend amongst the urbanites. Youngsters are increasingly getting health conscious and responsible. 

These days, most people not only choose to eat healthy food, opt for health drinks, and hit the gym but also like to party the healthy way! Health/fitness party is just another step you can take towards leading a healthy lifestyle.  If you are the host, throwing a “healthy party” is an awesome thing to do. The era of gifting experiences is here and it means much more than simply gifting camping knives or survival blades  to buddies.

Your friends will not only love this fascinating party theme but also recognise you as a health conscious and thoughtful person. Here are some quick tips on how to host a splendid one.

  • Holidaying: Holidays or weekends are best suited to host a health party, instead of buying knife blades for a weekend camping gift. It will keep you away from hangovers and morning sickness. Now your guests won’t have to worry about their next day at work.
  • Set The Mood Right: Undoubtedly, the dress code has to be haute sportswear. Allow your guests to flaunt their best Nike and Reebok track pants, tank tops and sneakers. Funky Head and Arm bands, health-o-meter wrist bands and gym slings will lend you a cool look. Add some sporty elements in home décor, simply place colourful dumbbells, weights, health DVDs and magazines to create sporty ambience. Vibrant Yoga matts, neon jump ropes and hoola-hoops can be aesthetically placed to add a fun element.
  • Guilt Free Welcome:  Welcome your guests by offering a signature guilt-free drink.  Offer coconut water served with fresh cream or an exotic tropical fruit juice with a wedge of orange. Healthy smoothies, juices, low on calorie spritzers and ‘un’-cocktails will welcome your guests in a healthy and guilt free way.
  • Getting Started With The Starters:  You end up hogging a lot more fried and fattening stuff than you should be at a party. Be a wise host and serve teeny but high on protein starters on skewers. Starters like cottage cheese and sauté vegetables served with low-cal dips will become instant hits. Avoid fried food like chips, French-fries and cutlets. Instead go for baked and stir fried snacks. Assortments of peanuts, olives, strawberries and baked snacks can also be placed on the side table.
  • Create Food- Free Zone: We tend to feel hungry even with a glimpse of sumptuous food served on the table. Thus,  the best way to stop your guest from gluttony is by creating a Food-Free Zone. Place the savouries on side tables and create a food-free zone. 
  • Go Lean On The Entree: Serving high protein main course will help your diet conscious guests stay lean and fit. Fish, turkey and healthy veggies like mushrooms, baby corn, sprouts, beans and greens can make mouth watering entrees. Use less oil, cheese and mayonnaise for dressing. 
  • Healthy Desserts: Do you know that even desserts can be healthy? Strawberries with fresh cream, pancakes with honey and banana, flavoured yogurt and yummy fruit salads are healthier choices than cupcakes, waffles, pastries and ice creams. Ask your cook to use low-cal sweeteners.

Summing Up

Play hip-hop and let your guests dance energetically. Also play some groovy jive numbers. It will keep your guests entertained as well as on their toes.  Fun games will make them shed some extra fat. One minute games like push-ups in a minute, longest plank hold and greatest flexibility will challenge the guests. 

Do remember to give away a mini health guide along with a thank you gift like a funky gym bottle or a yoga DVD. Your guests will truly love this health party and wait for the next one to come. So be the first one to throw a fitness party and set the craze in your circles!

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