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5 Must-Have Knives for Every Kitchen - Perkin

A kitchen is a place in the house with several tools. These equipment help us prepare food faster and better. One of the essential tools in a kitchen are knives and to be honest, there are a lot of specific types of blades which can make your work easier. Many people buy the wrong knives, which somehow remain unused forever. With so much variety out there, you are bound to get confused. We are here to help you solve the dilemma of what knives you need to buy.
We have put together this guide for your better understanding. So, if you’re planning to start a catering business, or want to kit out your kitchen, read on to discover the 5 knives you should absolutely have inside your cookhouse’s cabinet.

  1. Chef Knife:
    A chef knife has a curved blade that helps it rock back and forward on a chopping board, making it the perfect tool for dicing vegetables. With the broad heel, it can withstand extreme pressure. It is one of the versatile knives in the kitchen and perfect for everyday use. Mince and dice your way around. If you’re planning to buy an entire range of knives, check out kitchen knives in the UK.

2. French pocket knife:
When it comes to being handy, a french pocket knife will make your work a hundred times easier. It has a foldable blade and is easier to carry around. Perfect for outdoor picnics and a must add to your collection of assorted knives. It can also be extremely useful for those who love outdoor and camping activities. From the kitchen to the wild!

3. Paring knife
A paring knife is used to cut and slice fruits and vegetables. You can also use them for a multitude of other kitchen tasks. They work amazingly for removing seeds from fruits and vegetables. A small but powerful tool and therefore, a must-have

4. Carving Knife:
If your family is a meat lover, you need to add a carving knife to your collection. For serving meats like pork, lamb, beef, a carving knife is perfect for the job. You can also use it to tackle large fruits and vegetables.
A lot of people use carving knives to cut cakes, and they are long enough to cut slices with one smooth motion and equal dimensions.

5. Vegetable Knife:
When it comes to serious vegetable cutting business, you need to get your hands on the vegetable knife. If you’re into a catering business or a professional chef, your collection will need one of these. These have been carefully crafted to chop all kinds of vegetables quickly and easily. You can also use this knife to mince and dice veggies or garnishes.

While there are several knives out there in the market, you should always choose after a bit of research. These knives that we mentioned will help you get started, and later on, you can always add more and more types of blades to your kitchen drawer. These knives are ideal for any kind of cutting needs in the kitchen, make sure you keep them in a safe place away from children or pets.

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