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A-Z Buying Guide of Damascus Chef Knife - Perkin

A few quality knives are all any chef needs to cover their bases in the kitchen. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that knives are a chef’s best friend and essential in every kitchen. Whether you are a chef, work in the hotel industry, or are a regular at-home cook, you have probably heard of Damascus chef knife, especially if you are searching for the best kitchen knives uk on google. Like all other knives, this is made of steel, but the biggest difference is the Damascus chef knife is made of Damascus steel. This steel has a long history, fame, and mystery around it like no other steel had or will probably have. But we are not going to divulge on its historical aspect but why you should consider buying Damascus kitchen knives if you are looking for a knife that remains sharp for a long time.

However, for those who don’t have a clue what is the hype around Damascus steel, here is a brief introduction: Damascus steel has an ancient history. Many believe it was a primary material for making swords and other war weapons due to having excellent steel quality. Now let’s discuss the reasons to buy a Damascus steel kitchen knife.

Blade surface:  A unique moulted pattern on the knife distinguishes this knife from other steel knives. The pattern of watery effect is created by forging multiple layers of different steel, which ensures you will get the one of a kind knife because these patterns are never the same. 

Sharpness: As mentioned above, Damascus steel were used to make war weapons; so, one can imagine how extremely sharp these knives are. It can keep its edge for a long time and be easily sharpened if and when needed. Not that it needs to be sharpened constantly, but it depends on how often you use it.

Comes in different sizes: Damascus chef knife comes in the range of 6-14 inches(15-36 centimeters), and like with everything in the kitchen, the right length depends on your usage and how often you will use the knife, and for what purpose. However, before buying one, find the ideal knife weight that you feel comfortable working with. Some think that a heavy knife cuts through foods easier, while others believe a lighter knife lets the chef use the knife more freely and manoeuvre it more skilfully.

Multipurpose: The material behind Damascus chef knives makes this a useful knife in many other ways. You can use this knife in the kitchen, hunting, camping, fishing, general outdoor use, and even more. With this knife, you do not have to think about damaging and breaking parts. 

Strength: The Damascus chef knives, as stated above, is made by forging different types of metals, and even if you forge two types of metals, you will get a stronger blade. You will never see a Damascus steel knife breaking as they are resistant to shattering. Thus, you see most of the hunters and fishermen using Damascus large hunting knife when dealing with heavy-duty cutting. 

Adds value: As mentioned above, Damascus steel has an ancient history with original techniques that it used to be made with dating thousands of years back, but the main traditions of the craftsmanship have been passed through generations. Buying a Damascus chef knife made of modern Damascus steel is considered antique and rare as the original ones. Owning one of the unique kitchen knives would give you the honour and the opportunity to keep the knife in your family for generations. 

Durability: There was a reason why Damascus steel was used in making weapons in ancient times. It is so durable that it can withstand a battle hence, cutting a steak or meat is nothing for Damascus chef knives. The kitchen in the restaurant has an extreme temperature and as a chef, it is imperative you invest in a knife that can withstand extreme moisture, temperature, and daily wear and tear, and knives made out of Damascus steel are the ones that you should invest in. 

In a professional kitchen or even if you cook at home, investing in high-quality handmade knives will make a world of difference in your cooking style. Damascus steel knives have everything you need in a practical kitchen knife and do not forget; it looks like a piece of art that you can resell at a higher rate after a few years or keep in the family since it has the quality for that as well. However, before buying a Damascus steel knife style="font-weight: 400;">, check if it is actually made using the laborious technique of forging metals or if the brand has used acid or laser to print the pattern to make it look like a piece of art. 

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