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3 Kitchen Knife Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Away

Ask the chefs and they’ll tell you how important kitchen knives are for them!

They not only spend a good amount of their time using them but also a considerable amount of time cleaning and maintaining them. 

However, for all kitchen novices and other common folks, making mistakes while handling kitchen knives is not uncommon. And, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about! 

It’s good to be aware of them and make timely amends. So, here are three of the most common mistakes every knife owner needs to stop making right away, especially if you’re concerned about the reduced lifespan of your kitchen knives. 

  1.  Not picking the right set of kitchen knives

Considering the extensive range of options to choose from, it’s easy to get swayed away by something that you actually don’t need. 

So, lesson one is to not get carried away seeing the beautiful designs of the kitchen knives available in the market. 

Always focus on the purpose, material, and size. 

Sure, you would be willing to invest in a set of stainless steel kitchen knives because of their sharpness but make sure that you are able to bear with them. As it is, stainless steel kitchen knives are high-maintenance. 

Besides, opt for the right size. The right-sized kitchen knives are the ones that comfortably fit in your hand. They should neither be too big nor too small. 

  1. Not shifting them right

Are you shifting homes? Or got to transport your kitchen knives to your friend’s place for a BBQ dinner? 

Well, this is where you need to pay a little extra attention. Tossing them headlessly will not only lead to scratching of the blades but there are also chances that the tip might break.

To prevent your kitchen knives from getting damaged, make sure to wrap them in a heavy kitchen towel while shifting. Besides, you can also invest in a kitchen roll that is specially designed for this purpose. 

  1. Not maintaining the blades’ sharpness

Agreed, everyone has a different way of treating their kitchen knives. And, there are certainly no rules to follow for this. But, there’s one thing that you need to keep in mind. 

Don’t let the knives’ blade get too dull before you plan to sharp it next or get it sharped. Dull blades are nothing but an invitation to unwanted injuries as you need to exert more pressure and force with such knives as compared to the ones with a sharp blade. 

So, make sure you spend time getting them sharpened as needed. 

P.S. Take up some easy tests if you’re not sure whether your knives’ blades need sharpening yet or not. 

Now that you’re aware of the most common kitchen knife mistakes to avoid, implement them right away in your everyday routine. We guarantee your kitchen knives of the UK will be nothing less than new even after a good period of time.Besides, you can check out the best pocket knives of the UK here.

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