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The different kinds of kitchen knives that you can buy at a knife store

If you have a passion for cooking, then you must be aware of the relevance of keeping the right tools around in your kitchen.

A chef, a self-certified one and a professional one, understands that cooking is an art, and without the right equipment, the artist can't accomplish his vision. That said, whether you are purchasing knives for the first time or upgrading your kitchen tools, laying specific emphasis on your blades is crucial. 

To help you make the right pick, here is a list of various kitchen knives which every cooking enthusiast should have in their kitchen. Read on!

  1. Bread knife

A bread knife can be used to cut through the crusts of bread, cake and even poultry items. 

Such a knife is serrated to ensure smooth cutting and the handle is uniquely designed to protect the user's hand from any injuries. Such blades are 7"-10" long. 

  1. Chef's knife

One of the most popular kitchen knives that you can easily find in a knife store in the UK is the chef's knife. 

It's a versatile kitchen tool which can be put to several uses. From cutting and slicing to chopping, such a knife can do almost everything. It will undoubtedly become your go-to tool when cooking. 

  1. Utility knife

Would you like a sharp-edged, sleek-looking knife which cuts through vegetables and fruits smoothly and makes a great pick for food prep? If yes, then utility knife is the name for you.

It's a combination of two or more different knife types, making it a multi-purpose tool for several tasks around the kitchen. If you don't own a chef knife, you can use the utility knife as its mini version.

  1. Boning knife

If yours is a non-vegetarian household, you certainly need a boning knife.

A boning knife helps in removing the meat from the carcass without puncturing any organs. Such blades are available in a range of styles and sizes, so with a little research, you can find the one that fits the bill for you. 

  1. Steak knife

Another essential utensil in a non-vegetarian household should be a steak knife. Such knives are readily available at various knife stores in the UK.

A steak knife is available with both serrated and non-serrated edges, and it can be efficiently used for cutting through tender meat along with a salad. You can use it for spreading butter on your toast as well when you can't find your butter knife. 

  1. The Nakiri Bocho

Last but not least, the Nakiri Bocho is a thin and wide blade which comes in quite handy for cutting vegetables. It has a Japanese design and is commonly used by professional chefs.

Such a knife can be used to cut both hard and long vegetables and even finely slice it into thin pieces with ease. For a vegetarian household, such a knife is truly a must-have. 

Equip yourself with the best knives to enjoy your cooking time. Bookmark this guide for when you go knife shopping.

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