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Caring and maintenance tips for different knife blades

Would you like to know a simple trick to keep your knives in brilliant shape for years to come? Take a look at the post below and get enlightened!

Whether you have purchased your first knife recently or have a whole collection, keeping them maintained is a big task. However, if you set a proper maintenance regimen and follow it routinely, you'll be surprised to see how even a small effort can lead to impeccable results. 

Mentioned below is the key to a knife collector's happiness- a knife care guide you can't afford to miss. Read on!

Damascus blade

  • Cleaning

Before you store your Damascus blade, make sure that you clean it thoroughly. 

From vegetables to meat, do not let the residue sit on the blade for long. Use your dish detergent and rinse it thoroughly with water. Also, if you spot rust marks, then use a soft scrub to remove the rust marks in their initial stage. 

  • Sharpening 

With the help of a knife sharpener, you can efficiently sharpen your knife, leaving it looking fabulous as ever. The ceramic rod also serves as a brilliant pick for sharpening the Damascus blade. 

You can also use sandpaper for giving it a fine finish.

  • Storage

The biggest mistake that new knife users make is storing the knife wet. NEVER STORE YOUR KNIFE WET. 

As soon as you properly rinse your blade, dry it off well to avoid trapping of moisture. Lubricate it with a specialised lubricant, vaseline or any recommended oil. Then wrap it in a plastic sheath and store in a cool place. This way, the moisture won't be able to rust the blade.

Carbon steel blade

  • Cleaning

When cleaning the knife, make sure you do it by hand instead of throwing it in the dishwasher. Also, use a soft detergent and sponge to remove the meat and vegetable residue for complete cleaning.

Do not leave the knife soaking in water for long. Completely dry off the blade before storing it away.

  • Sharpening 

Who doesn't want their knife to be sharp-edged? But, you will have to make a little effort now and then to make sure that your knife is sharp always. 

You can use a sharpener for desired results. Also, make sure that you don't use your stainless steel knife on any other chopping board or surface other than wood. This step will prevent any damage to the blade. 

  • Storage

For efficient storing, clean and dry off the knife. Then lubricate it with a knife lubricant or vaseline and wrap it in a plastic sheet. Once done, store in a cool place in its sheath. This way, the moisture from the surroundings and the sheath won't harm the blade. 

Never take your knife's maintenance lightly. Whether you choose Damascus steel knife or carbon steel knife, they both are in for the long haul, only if you maintain them well. We hope this post helps you.


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