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Friction Folder Knife UK - Friction Lock Knife | Perkin Knives

While buying a knife, you need to keep in mind a lot of things. The moment you make your way into a knife store, you are bound to be overpowered by countless varieties of knives. Each of the knives you come across would have different features. As a consumer, you can choose yours after taking into consideration your needs and requirements. Quite frankly, there are countless types and kinds of knives available in the market. Now, choosing a knife or two out of such a humongous sample size happens to be a real task.

Traditionalists will always tell you to go for fixed blade knives. Fixed blades are stronger than folding blades, and are tough enough to go the distance, but carrying a heavy fixed blade knife is a tough ask. That is why new-age knife owners go for folding blade knives. These are handy and can be carried with a lot of ease. Plus, they can be flipped and stored in your vest pocket in a hassle-free way. 

Folding knives have various types of locking mechanisms. You can choose a knife after taking a closer look at its  locking mechanism. Some go for friction lock knife, while others go for liner lock knives. Different people choose different types of locking mechanisms. You can get in touch with vendors if you wish to buy a friction folder knife in the UK. 

Here are different types of locking mechanisms you can choose from:

Liner Lock

It is also known as the Walker Lock ( to honour Michael Walker, its inventor). It is the most widely-used knife locking system. The moment you open the blade of your knife, a metal lockbar  is angled towards the centre from the side of the interior. Here, it butts against the tang of the blade blade is opened, a vertical lockbar made of metal is angled toward the center from the side of the interior. Here, it tends to butt against the blade’s tang. Moving on, there is pressure on the bar, known as leaf spring, which does not allow the blade to move. The pressure on the lockbar, also known as leaf spring, prevents the blade from moving. In case you want to fold the blade, you can move the lockbar away to its normal position. 


A lockback knife is also called spine lock as it features a metal spin that tends to cover the back of the handle. The tang of the blade and the top of the spine look quite similar to a hook. Whenever the blade gets opened, it tends to push the spine out to hook the blade and spine in place. There are two notches that tend to exert pressure on each other in order to keep the blade open. 

Frame Lock

The frame locking mechanism happens to be quite similar to the liner lock mechanism, but there’s a difference.  It lacks a separate metal liner and the knife’s frame is the actual lock. The frame happens to be similar to a lockbar and gets positioned beneath the tang when it is opened. In this way, it won’t be able to fold. This locking mechanism isn’t quite popular but people do buy frame lock knives. 

Lever Lock

A pin forms the heart and soul of a lever lock and doesn’t allow the knife to close. The pin tends to fit into a small hole that’s there in the tang of the blade the moment a knife is opened. Once you push the lever down, it will lift the pin out of the tang to allow for its closing. Moving on, the pin holds the blade closed,  which means you need to press the liver down if you wish to put it to use.

Clasp Lock

The clasp locking system comes with a strong piece of metal, which can be seen atop the handle. Once you open the knife, there is a post that tends to insert itself into that particular piece of metal. This mechanism is quite similar to the plunge lock system. 

So, these are the different types and kinds of popular locking mechanisms that are used by knife owners. You can choose different types and kinds of friction lock knives as per your convenience. Friction lock knives need to be handled with care because these happen to be quite delicate. You can get your friction folder knives in the UK at any of the reliable knife stores. Make sure that you don’t settle for the cheapest options. 

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