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Get Your Knives All Sharp & Ready for Great Thanksgiving Feast -Perkin

<p>It’s the season to be grateful for all that you have in life, including the 50 pairs of shoes and uncountable number of lipsticks. Oh! Did we forget to mention your lovely friends and family? Well, yes, them too! It’s the time when you wish to cook like never before so that your guests can eat like never before. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s the much-awaited time of Thanksgiving, and it shall be nothing less than perfect.</p>
<p><b> Steps to sharpen your knives in the most easy and effective manner:</b></p>
<p>If you are gearing up for Thanksgiving, it’s probably the perfect time to get your knives all sharpened up. They make the chopping, carving and peeling of food quite easier, reducing your prep time significantly. That will give you extra time to chat with your guests or look your best for the Thanksgiving dinner! We suggest you try cutting a piece of paper with your knife. In case of a clean cut, you are good to go. But if it’s a ragged cut, you may need to sharpen your Thanksgiving knives; and Perkin Knives with its myriad collection of <a href="">handmade knives</a> shall come to your aid, in case you want a new one. They also provide you with Pocket Knife Gift Sets in case you want to gift someone.</p>
<b> Use a sharpening rod:</b> A sharpening rod is basically a long metal or ceramic rod which has a handle and is used to straighten the edges of mildly dulled knives.</li>
<b> Hold strong:</b> First, you should take the rod’s handle in one hand and place the tip of the rod on the counter. It should preferably be placed on a cutting board or a towel, so as to prevent it from slipping.</li>
<b> Well-angled:</b> Next, hold the knife in your other hand and place the edge of the blade properly. It should be placed closest to the handle at around a 20 degree angle at the top of the steel.</li>
<b> Sharp away:</b> Now, comes the important part of the story. You should gently move the tightly angled knife up, down and across the rod. Go on doing this for several times, using a steady even pressure. Repeat this process on the other side of the blade.</li>
<b> Rinse it:</b> And lastly, wash your knife and dry it afterwards. This will get rid of any burrs or shavings that could have accumulated on the surface. And voila! You have your super sharp Thanksgiving knife all ready to assist you in the kitchen.</li>
<p>These were the simple steps that you could do right at home, and you shall have your gleaming, sharp as ever knife geared to cut and get that turkey ready! So, what are you waiting for, get on with the preps, as the festivities are about to begin. Rush in now at Perkin Knives and avail 10% <a href="">thanksgiving discount</a> on all our knives.</p>
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