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Why Do People Carry Pocket Knives Everywhere? - Perkin

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Knives are one of the most traditional tools and have made it through several generations. In fact today, they are carried by people everywhere across the globe. 

Hard to believe?

Well, they are multi-functional and sometimes might even act as life-saver too. 

We have a complete list of reasons prepared which are surely going to change your opinion on this. Read on to know how this simple yet sturdy tool can be liberating for you. 

  • Utility 

Carrying a sharp blade everywhere you go makes your life more comfortable, isn’t it? 

The utility is one of the most common reasons why people prefer to carry foldable pocket knives in the UK and elsewhere. 

No matter if you have a stainless steel knife or a Damascus steel knife, the basic purpose always gets solved. For instance, if you need to cut a loose thread from your sweater, or cut open a stubborn wooden box, you can rely on your UK legal pocket knife. 

  • For urgent situations

Gone are the days when knives were considered to be merely a kitchen tool for chopping, slicing, and cutting vegetables and fruits. Today, their usage is much beyond that. 

Did you know people in the UK carry legal pocket knives with them 24x7? And, one of the reasons for this is to be prepared for urgent situations. 

We all know that life is very unpredictable. So, it’s in the best interest of everyone to be prepared for the worst. God forbid, but what if you get stuck in a car someday or meet with an accident? 

In such cases, your legal pocket knife comes handy as you can easily cut the seatbelt and make your way out. 

  • Self-Defence

Like we mentioned already, foldable pocket knives are legal in some countries and can be carried by people wherever they go. Most people keep them handy for self-defence. 

Unlike other self-defence weapons like a handgun (that requires official training and license prior to taking them on the streets), for foldable pocket knives, you don’t have to undergo any such legal formalities.  

Legal pocket knives are one of the best tools for self-defence. Let’s face it, it’s a cruel world out there and you never know what life-threatening situation might occur. 

So, it’s wise to be prepared for it always. While a knife doesn’t necessarily ensure that you shall remain unharmed, but it definitely sets the odds in your favour. 

When you know you’re armed, your confidence remains unshaken and you’re better able to save your life. 

P.S. Taking training and regularly practicing on the ways to use a knife is definitely an added bonus.  

A pocket knife is a multi-purpose and irreplaceable tool. Now that you’re aware of the different reasons people carry UK legal pocket knives, go ahead and invest in one for yourself too. Besides, you may check out the best Kukri for sale in the UK here.

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