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Practical Reasons To Customise Your Knives! - Perkin

If you are very particular about your knives, you should know the value of customising them. Yes, we agree that you get excellent choices of readily available ones in the market in various types; they might not be totally suitable for you. So, whether you are a chef, an adventure enthusiast or just love to collect these knives, ensure you are getting the ones that are totally made as per your choice. 

Ø  Why should you customise your knives?

When thinking of customising your knife, consider contacting only the best British knife makers from Perkin Knives. They curate the best kinds of knives as per your choice and preference through the best craftsmanship and expertise. Are you wondering why you should opt for customising these? Well, then keep reading for some of the reasons to do so!

  • Your knife lasts longer — The ready knife might feel a bit uncomfortable to you. Using it might also affect your end products. And if you are a pretty rough knife user, you might even break these knives because of this uncomfortable usage. But if you order it from a custom knife-maker, they make it as per your choice and convenience. That is what makes using it better and even long-lasting. 
  • The comfort of use — A chef’s knife is their third hand. That is why being very comfortable with the knife you use is crucial. But, if you go for the readily available ones, these might not be so swift to work with. That is why contacting a custom knife-maker for creating it especially for you is needful. Even if you are a traveller, you will want a knife for your safety and convenience. Ensuring that it is comfortable to use becomes vital. For this very reason, customisation of it even for you is essential. 
  • You know your requirements the best — The readily available knives are made of standard sizes and shapes. Even their handles are not that much different. But your preferences might be entirely distinct from those available in the market. You would like a knife with a wooden handle or sharp edge. Some of you are very comfortable with a smaller sized knife. For others, the larger ones look simple to use. In such a case, when you ask the designers to build a knife for you, the freedom to choose the best suitable type remains a great perk. Now, the knife that you’ll have after customising will totally be just as you love.
  • You can flaunt a unique collection of knives — For some of you, collecting knives is like gathering awards. There is no excitement in saving the ones readily available in the market. These might be what you see with all the other individuals as well. If you want to flaunt your unique treasured knives, order your designer knives with your preferred features. You can even get the designers to craft them in the best metal or simply wood. There are also knife loving enthusiasts who add some Jewellery to them. You can be as creative as you like and add some exquisite large and custom pocket knives to your collection. 
  • You can enjoy all the benefits of handmade knives — When you design a knife, ask the designer to create a handmade version for you. These knives are produced by a single piece of steel and then adorned with wood or other added materials as per your preference. But since these are specially created by expert craftsmen, you will find them durable and long-lasting. Even the balance of handmade knives is always better than the standard or machine-made options. You will also find them very sturdy and easy to use. So when you custom make kitchen knives, you might as well pick a handmade version of it and enjoy its incredible benefits.
  • Best materials utilised —  Whenever you buy ready-made knives, you are always worried about the authenticity and purity of the materials used in them. Sometimes the steel used is not 100% pure. That is why the knife does not last long. The same happens with a wooden edge as well. But when you design it specially and customise it, you are sure that whatever material is used in creating it is of excellent quality and 100% pure.
  • The increased value of the knives — There is a massive difference between the readily available and the designer knife. The personalised and designed version is always better, stronger, long-lasting and very unique. That is why whenever you sell them, you get double the rates of what you invested. Whether it is a kitchen knife, pocket knife, or your exclusive collection of weapons, they give you better prices and offers from the buyers when you sell them.

A knife in any form is of great use and the best-owned accessory. But when this accessory is specially customised, its power and benefit doubles. So the next time you intend to buy a knife, you know which option to consider! 

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