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Planning a camping trip takes a ton of effort.

You need to buy a tent, equip yourself with essential first aid elements, and purchase the right kind of knives that will make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Many people are sceptical about carrying an axe in the wilderness. But they can't ignore the fact that an axe is a must-have when staying a night or more in the woods. That said, here is a list of various types of axes that can help you stay safe on your camping trip. Read on.

  1. Felling axe

The whole idea of a felling axe is to ensure smooth cutting down of a tree which is possible with a highly angled head and more extended handle.

Such an axe delivers an incredible swing motion which allows the wielder to cut through the grain of the tree with ease. However, carrying this axe around all the time can be difficult, but if you have a camping site lit with camping lights for rent, then do take it on the trip with you.

  1. Tomahawk axe

Tomahawk axes work efficiently as throw axes. People often train with them to make sure that they have a solid grip on their target in the wilderness. 

Aside from throwing, a well-balanced Tomahawk axe can also be used for general multi-purposes uses around the camp. Since it is lighter than several other options, carrying it around isn't a bad idea.

  1. Tactical axe

A tactical axe is your true companion in the woods because there is nothing that this axe can't accomplish for you.

From cutting wood and digging the ground to breaking windows and more, it is truly the best survival axe in the UK one can ask for while heading for a camping trip.

  1. Splitting axe

If you are planning to stay for long in the woods, carrying a splitting axe should be a priority for you.

Splitting axe ensures smooth chopping of a felled tree into kindling for a fire. In most cases, an incredible splitting axe can even replace a felling axe, serving various purposes. 

  1. Double bit axe

Last but not least comes the double bit axe.

If you aren't interested in carrying several axes for different purposes, a double bit axe is all you need. Such an axe comes with a dual-head where one side is sharp enough for felling a tree while the other end is quite blunt to ensure easy splitting, thus making this axe the only one you'll need. 

However, such an axe doesn’t get much favour in the market so you'll have to find experts dealing in a few pieces or get it forged exclusively for you. 

Not just bringing an axe, but carrying the right kind for your trip is highly recommended to make sure that you are equipped with the necessary survival and safety gear all the time. Bookmark this article for future reference. Have a fun trip!

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