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The one guide you need when buying folding pocket knives

Pocket knives are one of the most popular names which we get to hear when talking about knives. Whether you are a camper or not, a high-quality pocket knife can change your life for the better by being your saviour even in tough times.

A pocket knife is a perfect assistant that a camper could ask for in the wilderness, especially when it folds and quickly fits in your pocket. It's a faithful companion that stays put in both good and bad times.

However, the first step to purchasing a pocket knife is to understand it's varieties, and that's precisely what we will be discussing in this article. Take a look below to find the perfect pocket knife for you!

  • Friction folder

A unique variety in the pocket knives category, the friction folder uses a no-spring technology to operate. Such a knife is dependent on your hand for movement. From locking to opening, you have to use a little force to make it work. 

  • Axis lock

Next up is the axis lock knives. Due to their ambidextrous properties, axis lock pocket knives in the UK have gained incredible popularity in the market. Since Benchmade knives have patented them, you can buy one only from them. It's easy to use and surely flaunt-worthy, so get yours soon.

  • Lock back

To operate a lock back knife, you need to use its spring mechanism. The knife is moved back and forth where the spine will engage in a notch in the back of the blade to open. This is a durable variety which comes in several designs, making it a hot-favourite all over Australia.

  • Multi-tool knife

As the name suggests, a multi-tool pocket knife makes the perfect knife for camping in every sense of the term. Along with the blade, it has several other attachments which can come in quite handy in the wilderness. Such a tool fits perfectly in the pocket and helps with several tasks around the camp.

  • Frame lock

Last but not least, a frame lock has its special place in the pocket knife industry. 

The durable, effective and easy-to-use frame lock mechanism makes it an interesting choice for campers who are more interested in food than other things. 

Such a knife ensures finesses in cutting, chopping and even piercing. It's available in different designs and surely can be used for several tasks in the woods. 

Let's face it, making a smart choice with a pocket knife will go a long way. However, the opposite can cost you dearly in the woods. That said, be wise when choosing a knife. After all, it is a man's true companion in the wilderness. Good luck!

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