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Picking a Camping Knife? Here’s What To Consider!

Camping is one activity that works well in just about any form. For the loners with an outdoorsy spirit to the family men looking to pump adrenaline while teaching the kids how to trek up a mound--there is something about camping that everybody enjoys.

Even with the pandemic having changed the way the last two years came to be, there has been no dearth in the popularity of camping. Additionally, as you camp over the years, you realize that unlike other planned outdoor activities, you cannot make a camping list of how each day will proceed. Of course, you need to make a list of what camping gear you need as well as what knife you must pack. Will a bushcraft axe actually be a need?

 Or perhaps a folding pocket knife suffices your camping trip! Choosing the right camping knife is vital since this will be a life saver for so many different things on your camping days and nights. Who knows if you need to fight that grizzly out of the bush. Read up to take a call.

The Knife And Its Needs

Jokes apart, the first thing you must decode before deciding on the camping knife is the real needs you have for the same. Jot down the top activities you will use the knife for. There is a ton of activities that range from filleting freshly caught fish as well as setting up the ropes to build your camp tent. Simply thinking over what uses you have for the knife will not work. List up. EVERYTHING. 

Knife Angle

The knife edge angle is vital when it comes to picking the right one for camping needs.  A 10-17 degree edge is perfect for things needing finesse. However, it needs sharpening frequently. For a 18-22 degree edge on a knife, you might recall the kitchen knife. Occasionally sharpening the edge will work to preserve the sturdiness of such knives. With a 23-30 edge, you have the right angle for camping, hunting, survival and even pockets knives for use outdoors. Low on maintenance and high on durability, this angle is a camper pick. For an edge more than 30 degree, think stuff such as an axe, hatchet, machete, and even a cleaver. 

Knife Point

A drop point knife too is common and is multipurpose in terms of usability. There are more specific knife point styles that are best used for hunting situations but these might not work for traditional campers.

Knife Style

Consider if the knife comes with a folding blade or a fixed blade. A lot of newbie campers and even non-campers believe that this characteristic is the decider when it comes to choosing a knife for camping. However, this factor holds the least importance. A folding knife could be convenient but it has chances of snapping mechanically. A fixed blade pick could be more sturdy as well as dependable. Of course, you need a sheath to keep it safe. Since you carry just one good sturdy knife in your camping kit, pick one that comes with the right blade length too. Nothing too long or too short here. Pocket knives are off the list even before yoj start making a choice. Nothing too clumsy works either. Therefore, the ideal blade length would be one that helps slice fish and also pick that sliver when needed. 

Summing Up

With such clear headed tips up your sleeves now, plan investing in that perfect camping knife. It will last you a long long time when you know how best to care for the same. 
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