Camping essentials you cannot do without

Camping trips bring out the best in some people.Camping is a fun exercise, isn‘t it? Well, of course it is. Those who get to camp frequently will be aware of the joys that a camping trip brings along.  Camping is something that fills our soul with excitement. Also, a knife is a multi tool that can be used to put to put a lot of worries and woes to rest. 

While you’re out in the wild, you won’t get the privilege to carry a Damascus pocket knife for the purpose of cooking. Well, don’t worry. Your handmade Bowie knife can always double up as a cooking knife. It can be used to undertake a lot of tasks, right from cooking to hunting and everything in between. But you need much more than just a handmade Bowie knife in order to survive in the wild. 

Here’s a list of things you’ll be needing in order to keep your body and soul together in the woods.

A sleeping bag and a pillow

If you are planning to stay overnight in the woods, then you need a tent, sleeping bag and a pillow. Make sure you get the pillow along. Without a pillow, you’ll have to keep your head on a large piece of stone. 

Enough food

Food holds a lot of importance. You won’t be able to enjoy camping if your stomach is growling. Carry light snacks that can be enjoyed on the go. Also, if you are planning to hunt, then make sure you have all of the supplies to prepare your food once you are done with skinning. It is always a good idea to carry a few juicy fruits. You can always enjoy them while waiting for the catch. 


The moment you make your way into the woods, start looking for fresh water sources. Carry a good amount of drinking water along. Also, make sure you stay hydrated during the camping period. If the weather gets humid and sticky, then you’ll need to drink water frequently. Do not drink too much of it at once. 

A Bowie knife

A Bowie knife forms the heart and soul of a camper. In all fairness, a sturdy Bowie knife is more than just a survival tool. As stated earlier, it is more of a multitool that can be used to accomplish countless tasks. Ity can be used in place of a Damascus pocket knife (for the purpose of cooking) as carrying a Damascus pocket knife separately will end up adding to the weight of your backpack.

A first aid kit

It goes pretty much without saying that injuries need to be prevented. In case you suffer an injury, there needs to be a first-aid kit at your disposal. If the injury is severe, then cancel your camping trip right away. Also, keep some of your friends on standby, and ask them to help if and when you get hurt. 

Other things that are also required:

A map
A compass
A gun
A Zippo lighter


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