4 Camping Essentials You Cannot Afford to Miss

Trekking or Hiking is a fun activity. If you love adventure, then you should surely give it a shot. It is important to understand that while going on a hiking or trekking trip, it is important to carry less luggage. There might be days when you will have to trek on mountains with your backpack.

Although, it is important to understand that there are certain essentials that you cannot miss out at all. You will need those things there. It is okay to carry less clothes but not certain items which prove to be a saviour to you on you hiking or trekking trip.

The most important things that you must carry on a hiking or trekking trip include:

Water bottle

Well, this might seem like a very normal thing, but it can act as a saviour in many ways. Also, people tend to forget to carry simple things. Thus, we thought of mentioning this one the list first. If you are hiking, it is normal for your body to dehydrate. Although, if you are in cooler temperatures, you will not realise this.

Thus, always remember to sip water from your bottle. Once you cross a certain area, you might not get water on the hike. Thus, always carry a bottle for your body. Also, you can always refill your bottle from natural sources if you finish your water.

Camping Knife

It is really important to carry a camping knife on your trip. It can help in various ways. The knife can help you during first aid for cutting the bandages or opening medicine packets. Also, having a wound during trekking is a very common thing.

Apart from that, a folding pocket knife UK can come handy, when trying to cut fruits. You will obviously carry various food packets on your trip. However, it is always good to carry something healthy and light like fruits. A knife can help you cut it properly to eat. A knife can also help you at your cam site for self-defence from animals and trespassers both.


Again, this is a very common thing on this list. However, many people forget a torchlight on their camping trip and regret. It can literally guide your way in the dark. It so can happen that it might turn dark while returning to your campsite. A torchlight will prove beneficial in such times.

Apart from that, always remember to carry an extra pair of batteries for your torch. You might run out of your existing ones and again your torchlight will be of no use.

Hand Sanitizer

Many people often forget to carry one and end up asking from other people in the group. You have to understand that your hands will end up touching unwanted things. You might fall on the ground or take support of a tree as well. During such situations, it is wise to use a sanitizer and kill all the unwanted germs.


These were some of the camping essentials that you must not forget to carry at all. They will help you in the harsh conditions of your trip.

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