An essential that every travel and adventure enthusiast must carry while travelling

In cities, travelling late in the night is a part of many of our daily lives. The weekends are meant for late night parties. An adventure enthusiast, an entrepreneur or a business who can take a flight in the night and has his flight delayed. In such instances, the traveler travels alone on the dark, empty road. While the long drive has its thrill, but without a saying, anybody can feel scared more or less at such times. We come across such news quite often when a person is driving and is hit by another car coming from the opposite direction in the hairpin turn or a juncture where neither driver had been able to see the other approaching. If the passengers in the car are alive after an accident of this kind, they are most likely to be in a serious condition needing to be taken to the nearest hospital at the earliest with the car having turned over to one side. In these circumstances, it becomes difficult for them to open the seat belts and come out of the car resulting in suffocation and having to wait for help until rescued. However, if a

pocket knife is available at this hour, one will be able to cut the belt and come out of the car oneself and rescue the other fellow passengers too. A pocket knife has other applications too which have been mentioned below.


You will need this knife for camping to cut the ropes and branches, open beer and cold drink bottle-caps and to fix the lures while fishing. Pocket knives can be used to cut wires, open cardboard boxes and other cutting works too. Hence, when you are not camping, you can use the knife at your home to help you with your household chores as well.

Select your knife

  • Self – Defense Pocket Knives – This knife is to be used when in danger. When buying this knife check that the spring works well and the blade springs out of the knife in an instant.
  • General Purpose Cutting Knives – This knife is used for cutting and slicing. See that the knife’s blade should be sharp and resistant to rust.
  • Camping Pocket Knives – These knives are used for cutting timber for campfires, cutting ropes and fishnets. Since the knife is exposed to extreme weather conditions, it should be able to resist water.

After one and the same knife performs so many tasks, its blades are likely to get dull. Always keep a whetstone or any other sharpening stone, a piece of paper, paper towel, a clean rug, baby oil, a non- slippery mat and a sharpening guide with you so that you are able to sharpen the blades yourself at the spot.

Conclusion Irrespective of the place you are in, a pocket knife is your friend in need. You can choose yours from a range of pocket knife uk here

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