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Travel junkies are different people. Their sense of adventure is far more than us, the average hotel travellers. The thrill of exploring a new place, taking the next camping trip and staying under the sky, is what gives them satisfaction. They are already into this game and own everything that they will need for a perfect camping outdoor trip. So what can you get for them or if you are an adventure enthusiast, what are the things that you probably don't own but will be blown away by their uses and benefits. Are you excited to find out? Here it goes.

1. Bothy Bag:

A group shelter bag that is windproof and waterproof. This can be a lifesaver when there is no shelter around, and the weather is aggressive. Simply pop open the cover and get everyone inside. This acts as an impromptu tent and can be a real help in times of distress. Make sure you pick the one according to your group size, and these come with different features and benefits. They are also known to be long-lasting.

2. Spare Layers:

Trekking and camping do promise truckloads of fun, but no guarantee of the weather. It might be a sunny day, but the climate  can change course immediately. You can quickly lose heat, and this can create serious problems. Packing extra layers will surely help you a lot in extreme weather. Get a nice Buff that can be a great addition to the kit.

3. Carabiner: Some of you will laugh at the lame gift, but it is instrumental. 

You can clip things on the outside of the bag like a sun hat or lanterns and come in handy when you have no extra space in your pocket. Easy to carry, you will be blessed to have it on tough days.

4. Trail Seat

It might be a little expensive but is bliss for regular campers. It can inflate within seconds and provide  you with great relief when sitting on the ground for hours. Helps you during cold weather and is easy to pack.

5. Bowie hunting knife

Apart from bonfires and putting up tents, some people also like hunting. During this session, when they have caught a game, a hunting knife will help them skin and butcher the meat of the prey. These knives are easy to use and come with a fine blade.

6.Pocket Knife: Last but not least, a lot of people do know about the knives but don't consider it important enough to carry. A pocket knife is not an out of the box idea, but over the years with the invention of so many tools, people have forgotten about the usability of this knife. We would suggest you always have an excellent pocket knife as it can prove to be very useful in difficult situations. Click here to check out the range of uk legal pocket knife.


We will add more ideas for the out of the box tools you should use. Meanwhile, you're good to go ahead with these. We hope your camping adventure becomes more fun and safe.

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