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Usually, your camping experience boils down to one main factor: the things you pack. Your backpack with the right essentials can result in a satisfactory camping experience, and the one without can lead to fights, frustration and maybe, even the emergency room. Not just the first-timers, but sometimes even seasoned campers can miss out on the essentials like a water bottle for a camping trip. To avoid being unsatisfied with your camping experience miles away from a city, here are some tips to get your camping essentials right.

Tent Even if you are out in the open most of the time, you need shelter for protection. You don’t have any control over the weather or wild animals inhabiting the area. It’s essential to not disturb the wildlife for your selfish needs and pleasure. When you pack a tent for the camping trip, you have security from unforeseen circumstances like excessive rainfall or storms. You can’t forget the poles, ropes and mattresses for your safety.

Water bottle Your hiking enthusiasm can go down the drain without a water bottle to keep you hydrated. Water from the pond is not the same as water humans generally consume. Although essentially H2O, drinking from a pond or lake can lead to some serious illness. Keep a gallon of filtered water at your disposal and a water purification tablet in case of emergencies.

A Knife When camping, you can’t forget about knives. You need them for cleaning your campground, cooking and self-defence. A blunt knife is of no use at all, so make sure to carry a leather knife sharpener to keep the sharpness of your blades. Excessive use on varied surfaces can cause a sharp knife to lose its sharpness. You also need the tool to slice and dress your meat.

Camping lights You can light a campfire, but its light is limited to a specific area. So when you may have to search a location for a thing that you dropped or lost, you need some outdoor camping lights. The light can also help keep some wild animals and intruders at bay. Navigational tools - It’s not too uncommon to find yourself in an unfamiliar area when camping. To prevent feeling helpless and lost, it’s wise to carry a compass, map and a GPS device to locate yourself in the wilderness. Keep your devices fully charged before leaving the house. Weather protective clothes - When in the wilderness, the temperature can drop significantly as the sun goes down. To prevent yourself from getting cold bites or falling sick in wet clothes and developing rashes, carry lightweight clothes, a warm jacket and waterproof rain gear. Toiletries - It is important to carry your toiletries when camping. Campgrounds with bathroom facilities generally do not provide soaps and shampoos. It is unsafe to share toiletries when it comes to personal hygiene. Carry enough toilet paper and some biodegradable bags. First aid kit - Safety comes first, so be sure to pack a first aid kit with bandages, cotton, painkillers and some antiseptics.

Conclusion The essentials listed above are key to a successful camping trip without any regrets!

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