Planning a Trip to Forests? Don’t Forget to Carry These Essentials

The decade has gotten us accustomed to staying indoors. Travel seems to be like a thing of the past. The social media feed no longer shows the pictures of the exotic locations that an acquaintance has just “checked-in” and the inspirational posts no longer talk of travel as much as it used to. Truth be told, we are tired with the uncertainty of the wait as the “waves” keep counting. But the good news is, the timeless advice of waiting to be rewarded is starting to bear fruit now and we are returning to our normal habits. This time, the option is not just choosing between the hills and the seas. A lot of us are looking for adventures and therefore are planning to head to the forests. Now that you have decided about the jungle safari ride and are making arrangements to stay in the forest bungalow or camping tents, make sure you carry your knives for camping along.

Why a Hunting Knife?

  • If you are visiting a location where hunting is considered a fair – chase you might wish to try this sport and later feast on your hunt.
  • A night halt in a forest is very different from living in the city. A night with the densely populated trees around and just the insects buzzing thrills you but what if a wild boar appears in the middle of the night. For your safety, you will not only need a hunting knife but expertise too to use it else you will be at a close distance with danger.

Know your knife

Hunting knives can range in various sizes and prices depending on your requirement, from killing a big wild animal to butchering it for meat. All such knives have the following parts:


  1. a) Handle – The handle can be made up of wood, leather, bone or rubber.
  • A rubber handle does not slip easily.
  • A handle made up of wood is rough to hold.
  • A bone handle is intricate and is comparatively more expensive
 b)     Gut Hook – It is used so as not to damage the internal organs of the hunt, which may impact the meat quality  c)      Blade – A

tactical hunting knife

that fulfills all camping purposes is a Clip Point Blade. A Drop Point Knife is used to dress the animal and not for general camping tasks. Deskinning a big game needs a skinning blade. The blade of the hunting knives can be either made up of Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.

  • Carbon Steel blades are inexpensive and prone to rust, however, with proper maintenance, they can remain rust-free. These blades can be easily sharpened and they stay sharp for a long period.
  • Stainless Steel blades are rust resistant, expensive and difficult to sharpen.
Tang, Bolster, Profile, Kerf and Pommel are the other parts of a hunting knife.


Determine the reason of purchase of the knife and before the bag pack, find your hunting knife here

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