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Here's why you can gift a knife this Christmas - Perkin

Well, Christmas is around the corner and all I can hear is jingle bells. The spirit of Christmas lies in the joy of giving. It is about helping those who aren’t as fortunate as you are. This Christmas, you too can make a difference by gifting a premium knife to your near and dear ones.  Join the celebrations by gifting a handy pocket knife to your friends and colleagues.

If you are a veteran hunter/camping enthusiast, then you will be well aware of the joys of buying a new knife. Gifting a knife is just as exciting as owning one. A knife is much more than your rudimentary survival device.  It symbolises a certain legacy ( like a kukri knife). You can gift them to your friends and help them establish an everlasting legacy. 

Here is why gifting a knife this Christmas is a good idea:

It is built to last

Yes, a sturdy survival knife can be passed on from one age to the other. In this way, you keep adding pages to the book of legacies. A sturdy knife won’t wear away after a few days or months. It stays with you for a considerable amount of time, which means it becomes an integral part of your story. Wherever you go, you need to take it along. 

Furthermore,it is the ultimate survival tool that can be taken along on a camping expedition. You can gift a hunting knife if a friend of yours happens to be a hunting enthusiast.

It is not just any gift

Yes, very true. The knives you are gifted by friends and colleagues aren’t just gifts, but pieces of your legacy. These knives are a symbol of excellence that no words can describe. These are built to go the distance. You keep these safe, use them before passing them over to your kids. A knife is something that ‘grows’ as you grow. Over time, these stories become an integral part of folklore. 

It’s a symbol of craftsmanship

Very true. The knife you own is not just a piece of equipment. It is also a symbol of craftsmanship and artistry. A lot of people okeep knives as decoration pieces. Ask a Gurkha and he/she will say that the Kukri is an inseparable part of his/her culture. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  The moment you take it out, you are bound to attract attention. Usually, a survival knife can be paired with an equally-impressive sheath. 

You don’t get one, you own one:

This point can repeated 10,000 times.  You own a knife before passing it to your children. Therefore, you need to take good care of it. It is not something that should be taken for granted. You need to handle it wisely in order to make good use of it. 

To conclude

As stated earlier, the spirit of Christmas lies in the joy of giving and compassion towards others. You can join all the fun by gifting one such knife to your friends and/or family members. Gift something special to your near and dear ones this time around.

Season’s greetings, everyone!

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