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Why Do You Need a Damascus Knife in Your Kitchen? - Perkin

Knives are simple tools. They are used in day to day life for cutting plants from the trees to chopping vegetables for food. There are various different types of knives available in the market. Some are used for medical and surgical purposes as well. It can actually get overwhelming to choose a knife merely because of the available options which includes kukri knife UK, folding pocket knife, chef’s knife among a few others.

One of the knives that you should surely try using is the Damascus knife. It can be separated from other knives easily as it contains a beautiful pattern near the surface of the blade. These knives are known to be strong and sharp both.

What are Damascus knives exactly?

Damascus knives are made from steel which is known as Damascus. They contain a wavy and mottled pattern on its blade. The steel is made by forging and welding different types of steel. Apart from that, it can also be made by flattening and folding a single type of steel to make different layers in the metal. These techniques produce a wavy and organic pattern which results in to Damascus steel.

Do Damascus knives rust?

In today’s world, Damascus steel is made from a variety of different steels. Thus, the rusting of the Damascus knife will actually depend on the blend of steels used to make it. Mostly Damascus steel is made out of stainless steel. So, it is safe to say that Damascus knives will rarely rust.

Although, it is important to buy a Damascus knife from a popular brand. All established brands use stainless steel only. Also, if your knife is made out of high-carbon steel, then it is important to clean and dry the blade immediately after use. Also, oiling the blade regularly can keep it away from rusting.

Does a Damascus Knife hold an edge?

High quality Damascus knives will hold an edge well. It is because these knives are usually made from an inner core of high carbon speciality steel. Also, it is surrounded by softer stainless steel which is actually forged to make the typical Damascus pattern.

The blade remains sharp because of the hardness of the inner core. Also, the softer stainless steel will help the blade from chipping. You can sharpen the blade of a Damascus knife like any other basic knife.

Benefits of using a Damascus knife

Damascus knives are actually made by sandwiching different layers of steels. This helps in striking a balance in the entire structure. It makes the blade harder and gives it a sharper edge as well. Apart from that, this makes the entire blade durable.

Even if a Damascus knife has a simple multi-layer structure, it lasts for long. Also, every time the pattern of a particular blade is different as the process is done organically. Thus, Damascus knives make a great gift.


Damascus knife is really amazing for better hunting and cooking experiences. Also, it is important to remember that the worst and good quality steels are used to make one durable blade of Damascus knife.

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