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A guide on common axe problems and maintenance tips for new owners

Have you recently purchased an axe? Well, then this post is a must-read for you!

There are several problems that new axe owners have to face. But, because of insufficient guidance, they often make highly regrettable mistakes with maintenance and care.

Today, we will discuss some of the common axe problems and how to maintain the axe properly. Let's dive into the post, shall we?

Axe problems

  • Rusting

Rusting is a result of prolonged exposure to moisture, so follow the prevention method here instead of looking for a cure later. 

The best way to keep moisture at bay is by oiling the axe head. Once the axe head is oiled well, you can store it with or without a sheath in a cool place. You can even wrap it in a plastic sheet to further prevent the moisture.

  • Loose axe head

A loose axe head can lead to fatal accidents. Since none of us wants to get hurt with a Damascus blade drive a metal wedge in the handle to tighten it. 

Again, the culprit could be the weather conditions, but this method should be able to reverse the effect and make your axe functioning again.

  • Chipping

If you are using your axe below freezing point, then there are higher chances that it might chip or cup. The best way to avoid chipping is by warming up your axe-head before use. As long as the axe is above freezing point, there is nothing to worry about. 

  • Splitting axe handle

Are you facing problems with the axe handle? Is it splitting or shrinking? 

If your axe has been left exposed to the harsh weather, it's handle tends to split or shrink since it is not coated with any protective layer. That said, make sure that you always store your axe indoors to avoid such an issue.

Axe maintenance

  • Axe head- sharpness

If your axe isn't stainless steel, it will undoubtedly rust if left damp for a while. Since we want our tool to function well and stay in great shape for years to come, make sure that you keep it oiled. 

Once oiled, you can easily store it in a sheath as the oil will prevent moisture from getting to the axe head. Also, if you aren't working on your axe's sharpness, you might have to deal with a dull blade. You can easily sharpen it with a sharpening file and keep it going for years to come. 

  • Axehandle

Maintaining the finish that the axe handle came with should do the job for you. 

Coat your axe handle with boiled linseed oil or lubricant to add more protective layers to the hand made axe. This way, it won't be highly vulnerable in harsh weather conditions. 

When you start caring for your axe and ensuring its well-being, you'll be surprised to see how the axe supports you in tough situations. Bookmark this guide for proper axe maintenance and dealing with common problems as well. Good luck!

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