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4 Incredible Uses Of A Survival Knife In The Wild - Perkin

Are you a knife enthusiast? Do you love collecting knives? Do you have an extensive collection of survival knives, each with an exciting story attached to it? Do you know about the many uses of survival knives? Major Uses

The following is a list of some important uses of survival knives:


A knife is always looked at as a weapon, right? There is nothing quite like a survival knife when you are in a dangerous situation, and you want a weapon for self-defence. It is a versatile tool that can be used as a self-defence weapon as well as a tool to procure food, like small animals or fish. The wilderness is an uncertain environment, so it is better to be prepared than to be sorry about it later on.

Making tools

Do you know that you may have to use improvised tools in the wilderness? How will you make those tools? Tools like fish hooks, wood sharpener or quick modifications, etcetera can be created with the help of a high-quality survival knife. Now you know the importance of keeping a sharp blade by your side when you are in the wild.

Hunting weapon

If your food supply is exhausting at a much faster rate than expected, then a survival knife can help you catch wild animals for food. As already mentioned earlier, it can be used to make tools or for self-defence, you can also use it to kill animals and cut them to cook a delicious meal, whenever the need arises. Although a gun is always better to hunt animals, a survival knife is something that can be in your pocket at all times; making it a more convenient alternative.


Be it cutting vegetable or slicing meat; a sharp survival blade can be handy to make your camping experience convenient. You are not there to be a part of the starving adventure, so don’t put in efforts to cook a meal for yourself. Use a versatile, sharp blade instead.

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