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2 Major Differences Between A Hunting Knife And A Survival Knife

Are you a knife enthusiast? Do you like to wander around in the wild? Are you always ready for a camping or fishing trip? Do you have all the necessary equipment to protect yourself and make your camping experience perfect?

Out of all the tools that you have packed yourself, the knife is the most versatile. But do you know if it is a survival knife or a hunting knife?

Hunting VS Survival Blades

The following are few essential differences between a survival knife and a hunting knife:


If you are in a survival situation, and you have a choice between a hunting knife or a survival knife, then always go for a survival knife because it will be more useful. As the name suggests, the purpose of keeping a hunting knife by your side is for hunting trips. The sole purpose is to have a handy blade that can cut through the skin of a moving animal. While survival situations can be anything, like a fierce animal following you in the wild, cut food (meat) to eat, build campfires and just be a blade that can be used to get yourself out of a life-or-death situation.


Survival knives are supposed to be more durable, extra strong and finer ability to cut through objects than hunting knives. They are like mini-spears that can be used to stab animals or used to build campfires. They need to be more sturdy and thick than hunting knives because no one knows what survival situation may arise in the unpredictable environment of the wild. While, hunting knives are multi-faceted which makes it easier to pierce the blade through an animal’s body.

Confused? Wondering how come both are used to kill wild animals?

A hunter prefers to shoot the animal with a shotgun and then use a hunting knife to cut open its body while a survivalist uses the blade to kill the animal when the need arises. Many other factors that come into play are the anatomy of the blade, personal preferences and budget of the buyer.

Know your purpose first, and then choose your knife accordingly. Always invest your money in high-quality blades to make sure they are reliable enough in dangerous situations.

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