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Why should you rely on a knife in the woods?

Surviving in the woods isn't easy.

There aren't any amenities available in the wilderness, making survival a lot more challenging. When travelling to a remote location for a night's stay or more, make sure that you are fully equipped to enjoy yourself. Among the first-aid and safety essentials, always make room for one of the most crucial camping essentials- a knife!

To help new campers, we bring a list which justifies the reason for carrying a sharp-edged knife to the woods. Follow the post below to know more. 

  • For meal preparation

A knife is an essential tool when travelling to the woods. A sharp-edged knife such as a handmade chef's knife can be efficiently used to slice vegetables and meat. It can also help around the camp.

  • Survival

To survive in the wilderness, you undoubtedly need a knife. 

From cutting branches and setting up camp to carving utensils and easy first aid, a knife can solve several purposes for you. You can use the blade for cauterising a wound and even minor surgeries. 

  • Self-defence

What will you do if a deadly beast faces you in the woods? Hunt it or be the prey?

Well, if you don't have a sharp-edged blade by your side, you will surely be the prey, but an easy-to-grip knife can turn the table for you. To understand more about which knives to buy in the woods, hop on the next segment.

Which knives do you need?

  • Chef's knife

A chef's knife seems ideal only for meal preparation by the name, but there is a lot more to it. Handmade knives, mostly Damascus, are durable, sharp and sturdy and can be used for a long span. What makes it worth the buy is that it can be efficiently used in your kitchen as well.

  • Pocket knife

Never leave for a camping or hunting trip without a pocket knife!

From cutting ropes, branches and twigs to cauterising a wound, a pocket knife is a versatile blade which will never disappoint you. You get both fixed and folding options in this category, so make a pick that will solve the purpose for you. 

  • Bowie knife

Whether you want to scare off an animal for self-protection, tighten screws or dig a hole, a bowie knife will never fail to impress you. 

This charismatic knife variety comes with sharp-edges, a sturdy handle and a balanced design, making it a superior pick for combat. If you are planning to purchase one for yourself, several online stores have bowie knives for sale, and you can also get them customised. 

We hope that you use this guide to prepare well for your next trip to the woods and make the most of your time in the lap of nature.

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