Should you bring an axe with you to the wilderness?

Of course, yes!

Well, if you don't, then you will surely regret this decision when you face a bear!

Not just that, an axe is designed and forged to take on heavy-duty tasks which can't be accomplished with a knife. So, whether you are new to camping or you are a hard-core camper, an axe should have a special place in your backpack. 

Since we have already understood that an axe is a camper's real treasure, why not we explore the various avenues where it can come in quite handy? 

Take a look at the post below for some brilliant insights. 


One of the significant reasons to carry a Tomahawk axe in the UK in the woods is to help you with cutting a tree. From making a shelter to building a fire, you will need a high-quality axe to cut down the tree with ease.

When felling a tree, make sure you try your hand at the small ones first to get familiar with the process. 

Limbing & Bucking

The next step after felling the tree is limbing & bucking. It's crucial to clean the trunk by getting rid of the branches and preparing it for the next step. Since limbing & bucking isn't a piece of cake, you need a high-quality and sharp-edged axe to get the job done with excellence. 

Once you are done with limbing & bucking, commence the splitting process to use the wood to your aid. 

The meal preparation assistant

Meal preparation might sound like the job of a knife, but an axe can come in quite handy. 

You can use the split wood to build a fire and get it prepped for cooking. You can also use the axe to debone and skin the hunt which might be a little tricky with a knife.

Once the skin and bones are separated, it's time to bring in the Damascus kitchen knives for cooking a perfect meal. Such blades cut, slice and chop smoothly, leaving no room for dissatisfaction. No wonder they are appreciated by both professional chefs and campers.

Waving off predators

Last but not least, there are high chances that you might face a deadly beast in the woods; after all, it's his home.

But how do you plan on keeping yourself safe from such predators?

That's when a sharp-edged axe will come into play for you.

Merely flashing the axe will scare off the animal. However, if need be, then such a tool will save your life from a beast as well. If it can effortlessly split wood into two and more, it surely can do much more to bones and flesh. 

One of the biggest perks of carrying an axe in the woods is it makes you fearless, thus helping you have an incredible adventure in the wild. While you are already taking the knives, make some space for an axe, and we promise you that you won't be sorry!

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