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Well, the jungle is not just a place to enjoy nature’s beauty or to spend your vacations. With the environment of dangerous plants and animals, you might have to face a hazardous situation. We all are aware that numerous people have lost their lives in the jungle just because of hunger, thirst, lack of shelter or due to some kind of forest disease. However, it is better to understand the situation and learn the different ways of survival, before going to a jungle.

Some Of The Vital Things To Learn And Follow If You Are Lost

Unfortunately, if you ever get lost from your track in the jungle, it is important to S-T-O-P. This term literally means Stop, Think, Observe and Plan. At first, you might have aggressive feelings but, you have to stay calm and observe your surroundings. If you get separated from your group, then shouting or setting a fire near you will be beneficial.

Initially in case of getting lost, rather than running or wasting your precious energy, you must collect adequate food and fluids to hydrate your body. Moreover, burning fire near you will be helpful in many ways because you can boil water and heat your food. It could prevent harmful animals to come closer to you as well.

Keep Moving

Staying at one place and waiting for a rescue team for a long time is a bad idea. You should keep moving to a certain path alongside the river or choose an animal path which leads to someplace of civilization. This technique requires a calm mindset to lead and follow a direct. However, being stuck at one place and revolving in a circle could be dangerous and a waste of your time as well. So, always keep your eyes wide and observe the signs or trails which might lead you out of the jungle.

Defend Yourself

Being lost in the jungle at an unfamiliar place can be scary. The first thing to do is to protect yourself from any danger. Carrying a survival knife or any sharp thing could be helpful. You can use it for separating leaves and bamboo to make your way in the jungle. Knife making supplies UK has some of the best pocket knives you can buy and carry with yourself. In case, if you don’t have any knife use a sharp stone to cut anything or to protect yourself from animals.

Watch For Predators

Jungle is home to predators and dangerous animals. So, while moving into a jungle it is best if you move quietly without making any noise. Additionally, don’t think about just big animals as small poisonous insects or snakes are present in the jungle as well. The main thing is to keep your eyes open and always be aware of your surroundings.


Thus, these were some of the tips of surviving in a jungle and also, finding your way back, if you are lost. Always be alert and carry enough supplies when going inside a jungle.

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