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How to use a Karambit knife?

Not everyone can actually use the Karambit knife efficiently. It requires practise and special skill. Using the knife is more like an art. The whole thing to understand is the technique of holding this knife. If you do not know how to hold it and have an efficient grip on it, then you might end up hurting yourself as well.

There are various knives like bushcraft knives, folding knives and even kukri knives. However, karambit is the only knife which actually offers various grips to an individual. Thus, you can set your hand on the toll based on your convenience. Many people consider this knife to be the most flexible knife in the world. Well, that is true as it offers a lot of flexibility to its users.   

Some of the different grips that you can practise on the Karambit knife include:

The Reverse Grip

This grip is alternatively known as the combat grip or quickdraw grip as well. Majority people set their hand with this grip as it provides maximum stability. It also provides proper power, leverage and control. The only problem with this grip is that it is not very precise.

On the other hand, other grips are more precise. Also, the reach of this grip is limited as compared to other grips. This particular grip is used for tactical and combat related scenarios.

The Forward Grip

This a common variation after the reverse grip. It is alternatively called utility grip, standard grip and even work grip. This one is actually used for everyday work. The routine chores require precision and control which can be achieved with this grip. The best part about this grip is that it offers leverage, stability and control.

Although the downside of this grip is that it offers less of reach, power and manoeuvrability. However, you will have to practise this grip properly. It is important to keep an eye on the proximity of each movement. Also, take care of your skin so that you do not hurt yourself.

The Extended Grip

This grip is popularly known as the upward grip or the extended reverse grip. This variation is not used commonly as compared to the other two grips. Although, you might easily come across it. This particular grip does not offer control, precision and stability.

However, it is used for combat applications when extra reach is needed. It provides manoeuvrability and leverage as well. Usually players use this grip when they want to snatch something out of the reach.


Karambit knives UK are normally designed for precision, efficiency and user safety. It either contains a curved or hooked blade. It also has an ergonomic handle with at least one safety ring. With Karambit knife, it is possible to cut things in odd angles like hanging from a tree or while being underwater. This tool has a utility blade and thus, it is also used for farming. The safety ring also makes it easier for the user to use this knife.

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