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5 Places Where Bushcraft Knife Will Come to Your Rescue

A bushcraft knife is nothing but a knife used mainly for outdoor activities. It can be one of the good additions to fill your survival kit with. The other uses of this custom knife is cutting and carving wood for different purposes. The objects which you can craft with the use of

custom bushcraft knives

are hooks, stakes, traps, shelters, spears, and walking sticks. Read further to know the five main uses of this knife.

Cutting Twigs, Branches

When it comes to building a tripod, shelter or keeping a fire going through the night, you would require small pieces of wood. Axe is the best option for cutting the wood but in case, you do not have bushcraft axe in hand, you can depend on your bushcraft knife for carving or chopping wood. The warning is that you require to find the right wood for this knife.

Peeling Off the Bark

A bushcraft knife can even help you to make more than feather sticks although it is usually used for that purposes. With the use of a bushcraft knife, you can also peel off the bark to make cordage for your shelter or a temporary container for carrying your food. As you are going to use this knife, you have to search for a piece of wood that can be easily chopped with this type of knife.


Most of the bush crafters warn to use a knife for batoning. Batoning can indeed damage your knife blade but with the help of some practice in your backyard, it can be learned. When you get master on it, it would be one of the safest methods to split a log of wood when you do not have a machete or splitting axe. One day, it can also save your life in the outdoors with no doubt. This knife can also let you cross baton smaller pieces of wood or make the use of approach to form notches on wood.

Hunting and Processing Meat

With the assistance of some skills, you can go hunting with a bushcraft knife. However, this skill should be used by only those who are very experienced. Due to obvious reasons, you should show some limitations towards your preference of prey to hunt. And then, that bushcraft knife can be used to make small-sized packages of the meat and keep in the freezer. You can gut, skin, and cut even a huge animal in no time with a sharp knife.

Lighting a Fire

One of the most basic bushcraft and survival techniques is lighting a fire. In case, if the situations are not favourable to make the use of conventional fire lighting methods, bushcraft knife can be used to start one. As a matter of fact, there are two methods to do this. Firstly, if you have a flint, you would require a knife with a carbon blade. Secondly, if you are using a stainless steel knife blade, you can utilize a Ferro rod to light a fire. 

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