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Things to look for in a Bushcraft knife - Perkin

Bushcraft knives are handy survival tools. These can be used for accomplishing a wide range of purposes. If you are a hunter and/or a camping enthusiast,then you need to carry a survival knife with you on all of your hunting and camping expeditions. 

Many of the knife owners prefer buying knife blade blanks in the UK. The idea behind it is to get specially-designed knives that are good enough to accomplish a particular set of tasks.  A large number of knife vendors and knife makers offer you custom-made Bushcraft knives in the UK. Bushcraft knives are owned, and not purchased. It is a symbol of unmatched skill and craftsmanship. You buy it, own it, put it to use, and then give it to your children.

Here’s what you need in your Bushcraft knife


A Bushcraft knife has to be sturdy. Sturdiness forms the heart and soul of a Bushcraft knife. It happens to be a long-term investment. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure the knife you buy is sturdy enough to last the test of time. Going for a cheap knife just for the sake of saving a few dollars doesn’t make sense at all. First-time buyers need to keep this in mind before going out to buy a bushcraft knife. 


The sharpness of the blade will determine the type and kind of knife you buy. Generally, bushcrafts are known for their sharpness. Their sharpness makes them a handy choice for carrying out cutting and skinning tasks. Hunters also prefer them because of their incredible sharpness. Also, do check the length of the blade when you go out to buy a brand-new bushcraft knife. 

A solid grip

Grip is just as important as the knife’s blade. Many of the hunters go for custom-made knives and grips if they wish to own a knife having a specialised grip. Many of the customised handles come with handles that can be held firmly even when they are wet. This allows you to use the knife even when your hands are sweaty and/or moist. 

Take good care of it

You need to take good care of the knife you own. Bushcraft knives are way more than just knives. Therefore, you need to ensure that they don’t end up getting worn out earlier than expected. If you take good care of your Bushcraft knife, then it will give you years of uninterrupted service. 

So, here are some points that need to be kept in mind before going out and hitting the market in order to buy a sturdy Bushcraft knife. As stated earlier, you can buy knife blanks if you wish to get a customised knife made.

Happy knife hunting, lads!

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