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Why should you always carry a pocket knife along with you?

A knife is man’s oldest companion, which plays a useful role for various indoor and outdoor tasks. These can be beneficial, especially if you like to go for regular camping or hiking.

So why should you carry a pocket knife with you?

Essential for everyday use, a pocket knife can play multiple roles. This can be liberating and a lifesaver sometimes. 

Useful around your house

Pocket knives make it easy to open boxes or packages around the house as well. These knives are especially useful when you are traveling. It can easily cut plastic packaging, which otherwise can be tough to break open. Keep a pocket knife around to cut open cans or plastic packages in your kitchen. They are less harmful and can open anything easily.


Here is how pocket knives can be useful indoors- for cutting tags, tubes, open food wrappers, opening envelopes, cutting wires, cutting string or tapes.

Outdoor activities

Ask any camper or hunter carrying a quality knife is a must as it can be helpful in so many ways. It can be endangering not to have one, especially when out in the wild. Research well and talk to other fellow campers before buying a

camping knife in the UK. Every blade serves different purposes; that is why choosing the right one is essential. Art and craft activities

Wilding wood or carving wood is another hobby that needs knives as an essential tool. For this hobby, all you need is hands and a knife. These can be used for various other projects, such as modifying clothes.

Carving wood is a fun skill that you can learn over the years. Pocket knives are useful for punching holes in your belt; thus, investing in one can be useful.

Security and survival

Life is very unpredictable, and you never know when you will end up in an emergency, catastrophe lurks, unfavorable conditions and slick roads. Having a pocket knife can be life-saving. You would need it for cutting bandages, seat belts and many other situations where you might need to use a blade.

Helps in putting up the fire

You need a while out in the wilderness to put up the fire. It is important to keep us warm and allows you to cook food and boil water to make it clean. The knife helps in setting up the fire, all you need is some dry tinder and flintstone, and with a blade, you can easily strike up the fire with a blade and rock. All you need is a quality knife along with you.

You might not indulge in the wild that much; however, adding a camping knife UK to your collection would not do any harm.


Preparation of food

Whether you are camping out in the wild, pocket knives can be useful for carving up vegetables for preparing stew. You can always use your knife to slice up the apple and eat it off the blade. A knife can open and cut things easily, especially during your hike or running out of time to grab a real meal.


How often did you get stuck in a situation that called for using knives?

Pocket knives are an essential tool that can be used for everyday tasks. Whether you use it for household purposes, opening a box, or basic survival in the wild, the reasons mentioned above for carrying a pocket knife will surely convince you to get one. This will surely make things easier.   Before buying, check local and state laws to understand what you can carry or not legally. Buy only UK legal pocket knives for your collection.
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