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What good is a knife?

Think of a knife and the first thing that will come to your mind (more often than not) is hand-to-hand combat. Knives are handy combat tools, aren’t they. You can use a knife for accomplishing a wide range of tasks, such as hunting, skinning, chopping, cooking, etc. Quite frankly, knives are way more than just weapons, they are multitools, which means they can be used while undertaking a lot of tasks (as mentioned earlier). 

If you get in touch with veteran campers and hunters, they’ll tell you that a sturdy knife will go a long way in making your life easier in the woods. Also, it goes without saying that different knives serve different purposes. For instance, if you happen to be a chef, then you need to have a Damascus chef knife. Many of the experienced chefs go for handmade chef knife. Those fond of French pocket knives opt for  laguiole pocket knives. Laguiole knives are known for their incredible sharpness and cutting ability.

If you are planning to go for a handmade Damascus knife, then you need to do the following things in order to ensure that it lasts long.

How to take care of your handmade Damascus knife?

Oil it regularly

Oiling a knife will help increase its life. You do not need to oil it every second day. Oil it once every month so that it stays intact. Also, avoid any kind of damage to the blade. The blade happens to be the most important part of a knife. A knife with a blunt blade is no good. Moving on, you do not require specific kind of oil for undertaking the exercise. Your regular cooking oil is good enough. People using  handmade Damascus knives undertake this exercise quite frequently. 

Always keep it covered

The moment you are done with your knife, store it safely inside a sheath. Keeping it uncovered when not in use can lead to unexpected damage. Also, it is always a good idea to clean the knife up after each use. Keep it away from the reach of children. Laguiole knives also come with sheaths for the sake of protection. Ask for a sheath in case you aren’t provided with one. 

Don’t let dust settle on it

Dust is knife’s worst enemy. Dirt and dust can lead to a decline in a knife’s performance. Also, nobody would use a dirty knife while cooking, right? In order to Keep the knife away from dust and dirt, you can wash it after every use. People using laguiole knives take care of their knives ( like prized possessions).

Sharpen it regularly

Knife sharpeners can be brought while purchasing knives. Many of the knife owners choose leather knife sharpeners as they are traditional and sharpen the knife within a few minutes. You can choose a sharpener according to your needs and requirements.

Make sure you keep all of these things in mind if you have handmade Damascus knives.

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