The Ultimate Guide to Find the Perfect Wedding Ring.

Are you getting married? Congratulations! We hope this is a wonderful adventure for both of you and that you have a lot of exciting times ahead. 

One of the most important decisions you will make during the wedding process is the choice of your wedding bands. Choosing this ring is not an effortless task because there are many things that you need to consider.  However, a wedding band is a simple symbol of your marriage, so don't get pressured into choosing something trendy and out of budget, but choose something that will not give you sleepless nights as a wedding is supposed to be your happiest moment. 

This blog will show you how to choose the right wedding bands according to your needs and budget.

Start Early

The best thing to do is start early, and we recommend starting the ring shopping process as early as six months before your wedding if you want something bespoke and customised. 

Consider Your Budget

When considering wedding rings and jewellery, take your budget into account. 

The rings that cost thousands might be out of reach for you, and it is okay!  Nonetheless, the sentiment of love remains the same. Plus, it's not a day to let yourself be financially ruined!

It makes sense to try and find high-quality pieces within your price range, if possible. Find pieces that can last a lifetime, and if you are looking for some matching wedding rings, we have some pretty amazing ones in stock. 

Consider Insurance

Since engagement and wedding rings are expensive, we always recommend getting them both insured for theft and loss.

Buy It Together 

Choosing wedding rings or bands is an experience both couples can enjoy together. Dedicate a "ring day" in which either partner can take their significant other to browse jewellery stores and see what catches their eye while having fun spending time with each other. 

Not only will this be exciting for both of you as a couple, but it will also help to manage your budget by allowing you to get an idea of the price range you should look at.

It's vital to shop around before settling on a piece, but finding something you adore should always come first!

Choosing The Metal 

Traditionally, wedding bands have typically been in the colour of yellow gold, but now with modern times, we have seen a rise of white gold, rose gold, silver/titanium, and platinum emerge as competitors. 

However, prices will also depend on the weight and style of metal you choose; for example, 14kt yellow gold is relatively inexpensive while 14kt White Gold is more scarce and expensive. 

Check The Comfort Levels

Make sure to keep in mind the comfort factor when it comes to wedding rings. It's advisable to consider various styles and designs and see which ones feel best and comfortable. 

Choose something that is not too big to be loose and fall off or too small to be uncomfortable. 


Finally, wedding bands are symbols of forever, and you'd want to get your hands on the nicest one, so get your wedding bands or even

promise rings in the UK with us.
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