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How to take care of your Folding Knife so that it lasts for a long time?

You and your friends are planning a getaway. This weekend you are finally going for the picnic that you have been waiting for such a long time. Is it just about snacking and playing frisbee? No, there’s more. You will have to carry a cardboard box of packaged drinking waters, carry first aid in case of accidents, carve branches, tie a goat or sheep and cut it later for the meal, light a fire, get together for a drink and so many more.

The one thing that is common in all of these activities is the usage of a folding knife. The knife finds usage in cutting open a package, cutting a rope, butchering an animal, opening beer bottles, cutting wood for fire, sharpening your kids’ drawing pencils or taking out nail or wood pieces that has accidentally entered the kid’s feet while running. A Folding Knife is an all – rounder knife.


  • Blade – Folding knives come with one or multiple blades While this is a strength to some, others think that a knife should have a rightly chosen blade affixed in it.
  • Convenience – The blade can be folded back into the knife and it easily fits in one’s pockets. Thus, it is easy to carry without a cover.
  • Locking – Since the blade tends to fold back, the knife has a lock that prevents it from closing in the midst of work. A folding pocket knife that does not have the Lock mechanism functioning correctly, is dangerous to work with and can cause accidents.
  • Pivot points – Because of the locking feature, this part faces pressure when the knife is opened or shut
  • Handle – The handle of a knife should be heavy and carry weight when held

Maintaining the Knife

  • A knife should not be stored away closed in a leather sheath because leather absorbs moisture and moisture, along with salts and acids present in the leather can corrode the knife.
  • The lock of the knife should be kept clean and no dirt should be allowed to accumulate in it.
  • The joints should be lubricated with one or two drops of oil once in a while to ascertain smooth opening and shutting of the blade on the press of the clasp.
  • A knife should be regularly sharpened so as to save excess pressure and time in cutting the fruits and vegetables. A knife that needs less effort has less chance of slipping away.
  • A knife should not be used for doing chores that are not meant to be done by it (for example, tasks that are meant to be done by a screwdriver or chisel)
  • When in the pocket, a knife should be kept alone.


Use a knife carefully, away from the edge and seeing that it is not thrown or dropped. It should be stored at a place away from the reach of children. You can find the

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