4 Reasons You Should Choose A Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

When we think of wedding rings, a picture of either gold or diamond ring instantly strikes our mind. 

But, are you one of those who want to break this customary tradition and gift something unique to your significant other? 

Well, you’re on the right page then! 

We totally agree that gold and diamond rings are too cliche to pop the much-awaited question or surprise your better half. So, here we are, with 4 reasons why you should invest in a unique and inexpensive Damascus steel wedding ring. 

High-quality ring boasting pure craftsmanship 

Damascus steel is legendary. It is forged from the steel ingots of wootz steel sourced from India and Sri Lanka. Wootz steel is characterized by a pattern of bands that are formed by sheets of microscopic carbides. 

Every Damascus ring boasts about a unique pattern. These patterns are created by the bonding of different metals upon heating. Once the metal is heated, it is twisted and shaped into a unique pattern. 

Hence, it is crafted with pure artistry making it one of the best wedding ring styles.  

Highly durable and lasting

Rings made of Damascus steel are long-lasting and extremely durable. In fact, they are scratch-resistant no matter the wear and tear they go through daily. 

This is because Damascus steel was used to make weapons. In fact, a Damascus steel sword was enough to cut a knight into two halves! That said, Damascus is a trusted, high-quality steel type that can last you a lifetime. 

Light on pocket

One of the main advantages of buying a Damascus steel ring is its price. The metal alloys with which it is made of are really inexpensive. A good quality Damascus steel ring in the UK can cost you somewhere around $400 - $1000.

Keep this in mind and refrain from buying the cheaper options available in the market. Not only are they made of some flimsy metal but also might be sensitive to certain skin types. And, this is certainly not worth any investment. 

No extra care and maintenance needed

Unlike any other jewellery piece, a Damascus steel ring doesn’t require any regular maintenance. 

If at some point in time you feel the need to clean it, just wash it with soap and water and you’ll be done. All the residue shall be gone and your ring will have back its lost lustre. Moreover, you can scrub tough dirt and grime with any spare toothbrush as its soft bristles are enough to take care of your ring.  

On the other hand, make sure that you keep your Damascus steel ring away from all harsh chemicals as some of them can tarnish the metal or even break it down. After all, prevention is better than cure, right? 

Work of pure craftsmanship, lasting, easy maintenance, and doesn’t break the bank; reasons enough to invest in a quality Damascus wedding ring?  

We think they surely are!

Get yours today. Here’s wishing you a happy wedding in advance! 

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