4 Fab Survival Essentials and Gifts for Adventure Enthusiasts - Perkin

Everyone is a traveller in one way or the other, but there are only a few who love to come face to face with nature in all its glory. We famously call them the travel/adventure enthusiasts. From camping to hunting, the rush of trying a new task on every occasion is their cup of tea, and they’d prefer to sleep under the night sky rather than a cosy, comfy bed in a hotel room. We are sure you know someone like this, or maybe you yourself are that person!
Whatever is the case, we have put together the perfect guide of essentials that you will need throughout your lives. Things that will come to use on every trip and be the essentials you will always need.

  1. Survival Bag:

    These are the heavy-duty polythene bags and as the name suggests, fulfils their purpose of sustaining amidst the wilderness. They also have many non-emergency uses. When it’s too cold out there, or the ground is wet, you can use them as a mat to sit or lie on. You can also use it to cover your kit if it starts pouring down. A lot of people have also used these as a symbol for help when they were stuck in an emergency. Quite affordable, this product has multiple uses.
  2. Damascus steel ring:

    Not a travel essential, but for a partner who loves the outdoors more than the indoors. A ring is a symbol of commitment, and if you or your partner are one of those tough people out there, you need a strong Damascus ring instead of solitaire or gold. These rings can be for everyday use, reminding you of your commitment and also solid to withstand small brushes against hard surfaces.
  3. Pocket Knife:

    A pocket knife is the smallest yet one of the most potent weapons you can have as a camper. As the name suggests, they are easy to carry and can help you a lot on your camping trips. Get a sturdy one that can help you in multiple ways. From food to setting up the tent, your pocket knife will be your number one, travel buddy. Check out the range of UK pocket knife and pick the best one.
  4. First Aid Kit:

    One thing that you should never underestimate is the power of the unexpected. Yes, we know, when you step out you’re extra careful, and you have been doing this since very long, but there are still a lot of things that can go out of your control. In these situations, you must have a first-aid kit that provides you with immediate relief during small accidents. You need to be self-sufficient not just in the case of food or water, but also your well-being.

There are a lot of things that are as important as the ones we suggested, but we genuinely believe these are the ones you overlook and regret later. Our guide was not to educate you but to be the reminder of the things that you need, and that will help you out in your next outdoor spree.

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