3 Bushcraft axes that you will need for camping

You and your friends have been planning to make a forest trip and camp there for a long time now. Finally, you have zeroed down on a date and are seeing it materialize. You have packed clothes, hats, snacks, tent materials and are even carrying a pocket knife with you. So, are you ready to go? Not yet.

Why do you need a Bushcraft Axe?

You are planning to camp out for a week. There could be chances that you might extend your stay. Will you want to stay in a tent for such a long time? Maybe you’ll decide to build a shelter for yourself. This is when you will need an axe. A bushcraft axe is so versatile that instead of carrying multiple tools, you can use this one tool to help you with chopping, splitting wood and butchering meat. In earlier days, a person going out in the woods was sure to carry an axe with him. If camping is something you enjoy, mastering the axe skills will prove to be of use to you if you wish to see yourself as a regular camper in the years to come.

Things to keep in mind before the purchase
    1. If you are a beginner, choose an axe over a hatchet as you will be able to accomplish the task with lesser effort; and having a longer handle, it is less dangerous.
    2. Determine the purpose that you will need the axe for. Different axes are there in the market to perform different functions.
    3. The size and weight of the axe – If you are a beginner in using an axe, you may find working with a lightweight axe easier. However, please be informed that a heavier axe takes more time and effort but is more efficient in chopping woods. In addition, also check if the axe purchase fits in the bag you are carrying to the camp.
    4. The place that the axe has been made at – An axe that has a handle from wood in the trees of Sweden is generally able to chop softer wood, whereas an axe that has a handle from wood in the trees of the United States is able to chop harder wood.

  1. Do not buy an axe that comes cheap – Such axes have either not been tested or you will not be able to trust its quality. Upon buying such axes, you will end up injuring yourself and changing the handles every now and then. With regular service upon buying this, you might find one day that you have spent way more than a good quality axe would have cost you.


Therefore, while there’s time, invest in a good axe and save yourself the money, time and effort . Now that you are considering buying the tools that will come handy to you when you camp out, like bushcraft axe uk and kukri sheaths, you can look for them here.

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