Custom Bowie Knives

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Bowie knives were originally intended for battle and dueling, but thanks to their distinctive design elements, they have evolved into a gorgeous collectible. A survival bowie knife is also an excellent companion for adventurers when they are out in the wilderness.

Perkin Knives offers handcrafted bowie knives that are designed in accordance with various US knife legislations. The blade is the most prominent feature of the overall bowie knife design, providing the wielder with significant force in a slashing strike. We provide our customers with a custom Bowie knife design service. It is just perfect for people who want their Bowie knives made to their exact specifications.

All you have to do is tell us how long you want the blade to be and what kind of handle you want, and we’ll make the bowie knife you’ve always wanted.

A leather sheath comes standard with a custom-produced bowie knife, protecting the owners from accidental harm. These handcrafted knives are not only functional and long-lasting, but they also look amazing.

Explore our extensive collection of vintage Bowie knives to find one of the best, or take advantage of our years of knowledge and proven workmanship to have one custom-made to your exact specifications.

What Makes a Knife a Bowie Knife?

The original Bowie knife was produced for Jim Bowie, a 19th-century American pioneer, trader, soldier, and slave smuggler who was a key figure in the Texas Revolution. He was one of the Americans that perished at the Alamo.

The Bowie knife is distinguished by its clip point, broad and sturdy blade. A brass strip was inlaid along the spine of the original Bowie blade. It was considerably larger and heavier than typical blades of the time.

Today, a Bowie knife has a curved, pointed end and features a double-edge for about two inches of its length. Additionally, it falls within the weight of a billhook when you use it.

Are Custom Bowie Knives legal in the USA?

The only restrictions on Bowie Knives, according to several knife legislations in the USA, are on the concealment of such a knife and using it as a weapon. In short, owning custom Bowie knives is legal in the USA. That means you can easily own and flaunt your custom made bowie knife bought from us, the master knife makers, at Perkin Knives.

It’s as easy as clicking a mouse button to order a bowie knife from us. Because we, as a manufacturer, deal directly with customers and eliminate the intermediary, you will receive the most authentic products at the most reasonable price when you shop from us.

We provide free shipping to the United States on orders that meet a certain minimum purchase quantity. We attempt to keep shipping costs as low as possible for our international customers while ensuring that their packages arrive securely and on schedule.

Tactical & Survival Bowie Knife USA

If you’re a knife aficionado, you’ve probably heard a lot about full tang knives. There is a lot of material and continuous debate about whether or not full-tang knives are better. You’re left feeling equal parts convinced and perplexed after reading many fleeting perspectives on the internet.

However, as a producer of hunting knives and survival knives, we can tell you that a full tang knife will never let you down. A full tang knife has a tang that runs the entire length of the handle, making it more reliable and less prone to split from the handle.

Perkin Knives has a wide assortment of the best quality full tang Bowie knives at a reasonable price. These knives are excellent tactical and survival tools, and you can trust them blindly in any situation that demands their use. Browse now.

Buy Handmade Hunting Bowie Knife

Perkin Knives, USA, is a renowned manufacturer of fixed blade and full tang Bowie knives in the United States. We provide our consumers with not just a product but also an experience by offering a wide range of elegant designs.

If you’re looking for a bowie knife with a full tang, Perkin Knives is the place to go. Our extensive variety of Bowie Knives for sale in the United States offers everything you’re looking for.